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Manila Workshops partner with Touringkitty

Touringkitty and Manila Workshops are partners in learning!

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I have attended several of their workshops in the past couple of years, and I don’t only learn in the workshops, they’re also a great way to build my network and look for possible job leads.

This semi work at home momma has partnered with them, so you’ll be reading some of their upcoming workshops over the blog and on Facebook. To start, here’s one workshop I think you should attend, too.

Four years ago, I wrote about investing in the stock market. It was a writing collaboration between my husband and I. We still maintain some stocks, though we’re not that keen on monitoring it lately. This upcoming series of workshops will be a good refresher.

Manila Workshops present Stock Smarts Workshop Series, a four-part workshop which encompasses the ins and outs of investing in the stock market. You may choose to attend one, or attend all!

Don’t forget to enter TKEASMWS1 in the Referral Code Box as you register so that we know you got info from Touringkitty.

Watch out for more information about upcoming workshops!


~ Touringkitty

Lea Salonga says, “Magandang Araw!”

We kept on guessing who the new brand ambassador for Insular Life is, until the phrase “world-class Filipina” was mentioned. Only one name comes to mind — Lea Salonga. I kinda had a hint as I saw vans of a television network parked outside of the quaint Seda Hotel at Bonifacio Global City, where the press launch for this Filipino life insurance company was held.

As you may have seen in Insular Life’s TV commercials nowadays, Lea Salonga is the company’s first ever celebrity endorser.


Ginger of Manila Workshops and Mommy Ginger invited some mommy bloggers to this press launch last Friday. There, I was able to meet Mommy Glaiza of Moomy Musings and Mommy Milette of I wanted to find out what this life insurance company has in store for its clients and prospective clients this year. As a mom myself, I am looking for the best options where to invest financially.

Lunch was served as the guests trickled in. While waiting for the start of the program, we were directed to two booths behind us: a coffee station and a laptop showing an AVP about their upcoming campaign website.

What better way to have a good day than to drink a steaming hot cup!
What better way to have a good day than to drink a steaming hot cup!


Two of Insular Life executives then spoke about their 2014 communications campaign and its components.

Jesus Alfonso Hofilena, EVP & Head of Sales and Marketing talked about the Positivism Campaign the company is promoting among its employees and clients
Jesus Alfonso Hofilena, EVP & Head of Sales and Marketing talked about the Positivism Campaign the company is promoting among its employees and clients.
Amelita Tamayo, FVP & Head of Marketing and Agency Support Division elaborated on the specific components of the campaign and why the company has taken this track
Amelita Tamayo, FVP & Head of Marketing and Agency Support Division elaborated on the specific components of the campaign.


A website called which will be formally launched on January 20, will encourage people to do good deeds that exhibit positivism, write about them or upload photos of it in the website, and share their experiences through social media networks with the hashtags #InsularMovement and #MagandangAraw. Raffle prizes await the lucky positive movers.

An invitation for coffee and a live encounter with possible clients shall also take place. Here is where the Insular Life’s Magandang Araw Brew by Roaster Juan’s come in. This artisan coffee shall be served to possible clients or life insurance sellers.

Insular Life execs and Lea answering questions from the press.
Insular Life execs and Lea answering questions from the press.


Aside from spreading positivism, Lea stressed the importance of having a secure financial future for the family. Getting life insurance does not only mean securing yourself. It also means peace of mind for the people you love.

And this year, our family is set to do both — do more good deeds (specifically giving to charity more) and strengthen our family’s financial investments while our daughter is not yet in school.

Another photo with Lea, this time, I am not performing alongside her, but writing about her
Another photo with Lea, this time, I am not performing alongside her, but writing about her.


I leave you with this song commissioned by Insular Life, “Isang Magandang Araw,” with lyrics by Rayna Vihuela Reyes and music composed and arranged by Mike Villegas. I hope it will spark positivism in you, too.


~ Touringkitty

Ready to Be Rich? I know I am!

I know, I know. You might say it’s only COMMON SENSE you need to manage your finances. Think again.

There is no subject in school that taught us HOW to really MANAGE our finances. Luckily, some people are there to give us sound advice on how to do it.


mommy finances - FINAL



Fitz Villafuerte is one, and I’ve met him during the WAHMeo Workshop, as he talked about the how-tos of registering your business. He gave practical tips to the wonderful mommies who attended the workshop. And he is giving another talk, specifically on managing finances, which is one of his advocacies.

Join the Ready to be Rich: Mommy Finance Workshop  on September 7! Click the link for complete deets.


~ Touringkitty

Life’s firsts

A TMI post, I know. But please bear with this first-time mommy who didn’t expect this to happen just as when they’re preparing for a family vacation.


First word, first tooth, first solid food. As moms we anticipate those. I can’t believe there will be a first hospitalization for my little big girl.

On Labor Day Tuesday, she woke up, rather lazily. She took a few minutes tossing and turning around the bed. We thought it was just one of her new tricks. But when I touched her forehead it was hotter than the usual. True enough, her temp went almost 39 degrees celsius. We gave her paracetamol ad just vomitted it. We held our decision to proceed to the ER until after lunch, when we gave her another dose if medicine and spat them all out. She was uneasy, sweating, cranky, and crying.

We were sent home so we could just monitor. But at 10.30pm, when she’s about to take another dose, she was shivering. That moment, we decided to head back to the hospital, nevermind the pambahay clothes. Her temp went as high as 40. Good thing there was no convulsion, bad thing because depite the meds, hydration, nonstop breastfeeding, and attempts to give her food she’d take, our efforts weren’t enough. We had to check in at the hospital.

It was almost midnight. We weren’t aware of the hospital policy that no guardian is allowed while IVs are put, so imagine our worry leaving Aria to the nurse and doctors. If we were worried, more so my mom, who can’t go an inch behind the door where our poor baby was shouting, crying helplessly. I told my husband that if they weren’t finish in five minutes, I’d bang the door open. Finally, what seemed like forever took less than five minutes, and as the door opened and I was getting Aria, she kept on shouting ‘goodbye!’ to the doctors. My poor little one. We warned them of her kalikutan and yes, it proved to be so according to the nurse.

We were assigned a private room and good thing my daughter has a health card! (thanks, daddy!). We watched Little Einsteins and it’s as if nothing happened; though weak, she imitates Leo the conductor, got ready for blast off and tapped the rhythm from slow to super fast!

Today, Wednesday, Aria pooed, peeed, and vomitted her meds in the morning. I pity her, she’s not the usual happy kulit baby I know. But we prayed, really hard, to take whatever pain out of her little body. Medicines were administered by doctors and nurses and boy did she hate all of them now! Just hearing their voices makes her cry. So hard.

The antibiotics we hope will cure whatever infection she might have gotten. I’m just so exhausted to think of things other than Aria. Schedules were forgotten and people may have been affected but this is out of my hands already. Both Aria and I just want to go home, cuddle, sing songs and play. Please offer a prayer for all the sick little kids all over the world. They don’t deserve to be sick at all.



No one’s gonna hurt you, not while I’m around.

~ Touringkitty

The Doctor is Late

THE DOCTOR IS LATE should be the signage on her clinic door!

Her clinic is 8-10 AM but she arrives at 11! Wow. Happened to me in those two times I made an appointment with my new doctor. I panicked the first time because I didn’t leave pumped milk for my baby because I was first on the appointment list anyway and the clinic was less than a kilometer away from home. Turned out I waited for two hours so imagine how I felt. Baby might cry of hunger, might be looking for me, etc.

The reason for her being late: it was raining. So what?!

I heard a story from another patient. This patient arrived at 10.30 AM because she is so used to the doctor’s late arrival. But the nursing attendant said the doctor left already at 9 AM! The poor patient had to reschedule her doctor’s appointment again.

It’s not only with my doctor, but also of my baby’s pedia. Her clinic is 10 AM-12 PM and she has an afternoon schedule as well, but I always go in the morning after baby’s morning nap, or during naptime when she gets to snooze inside the clinic. Still, I make the earliest appointment but then, with the long waiting time, baby is cranky already while getting the vaccine shot. Ending: loud squealing, squirming, red-eyed baby.

This morning, we arrived a little early and on the waiting area was a young boy who seemed to have high fever. Her grandma carried her and the mother was just seated. They tried to give him milk in a bottle (formula perhaps) and rubbed his head and face with wet towel. A few minutes after, the mother was carrying her son out of the clinic, shouting his name, and rushed to the nearby hospital. Apparently the kid was having convulsions. Or something else. My baby and I stepped outside because I got one bored baby.

Poor kid. They could have brought him directly to the emergency room of the hospital across the street and not wait for the pedia, who arrived at 11 AM. Aria and I were there since 9.45 AM. She slept as soon as we reached home and almost missed lunch.

We all have appointments, right? It’s no fair that these medical professionals are always late for clinic appointments and charge sky high professional fees for two minutes of talking to one patient who waited for hours, who travelled hours to reach the clinic, and who left their babies or bring with them.

How’s your experience with your doctor? Do they come late or early?

Raising a Condo Kid


This 30 square meter condo unit has been our home for the past three years. We bought this before we got married and decided to build our family here.

But our “seventh heaven,” as we call this home seven storeys high, seems to be just enough for us three. There’s truth in saying that two’s a company, three’s a crowd. What if we become four (either a helper will stay-in or another baby on board)?

Prior to buying this property, this was rented by a family of four – a mother and three boys who were half-Americans, so imagine how tall they were, and they fit! They had a double decked bed, a mattress, and the sofa. That’s where four people sleep. Add to that their dressers and other stuff. Wow!

And now we’re having space issues. See, our little princess has a lot of furnitures of her own – a crib, a walker, stroller, a small chair, two seaters (we’re selling these!), play gym, rubber mats, toy box, among others. Her clothes invaded what was once OUR clothes drawer, and her diaper changing and other paraphernalia is atop our filing cabinet. Her shoes on top of another cabinet. Did I mention she co-sleeps with us? We don’t have a bed frame so we’re sleeping on mattresses only. And the crib? That’s where we put her when we need to move around.

And the challenge remains: how do we keep her entertained in these four corners? It’s hard, really. She easily gets bored so she needs various activities at one time. And since she’s really on the move now, she’s restless so we keep on chasing after her just to avoid bumps and bruises. We usually bring her down to the lobby to be entertained by people passing by. Or to the poolside where other condo kids play and run around. Since she can’t walk alone yet, she’s carried or worn most of the time. Poor arms and backs.

As for sleeptime, this is harder especially with naptime. She is carried most of her naptime because she gets disturbed by car horns, construction noise outside, falling barbels from the gym two floors directly below us. She is sleep deprived during daytime so we want to give her as much sleep as she can, even if it means carrying her and not doing anything else, i.e. no eating, drinking, yes, no toilet visit either.

We’re not spoiling her by carrying her the whole day. Of course we let her crawl and walk but with her restlessness, she easily stumbles or hits her head. What more if she could walk independently? Add the fact that she’s babbling, screaming, and shrieking really loud and high. Her silencer is breastfeeding, nothing else.

We don’t want to go out everyday, either, to the mall or to friends, because it’s always a “grand production” when we’re going out: baby bag filled with diapers, changing stuff, clothes change, lotsa lampin, toys and food (we still bring our own baon maybe until one and a half). Not to mention stroller or sling. Good thing no bottles to pack, except when I’m at work and there’s always an emergency bottle of expressed milk. So we stay home instead, and figure out other ways to make the kid stay. We do go out on weekends though, but for most of the week, the farthest we could go is at the condo lobby.

How about you, condo dwellers, how do you do it? Would appreciate tips from you.

~ Touringkitty


Good real deals with Groupon

I said I would not believe until I’ve used one.

Ah, finally!

This was my first Groupon purchase – a P450 voucher for a haircut, hot oil, back and scalp massage, and eyebrow threading at David’s Salon. Imagine that!

So after my final therapy session we went straight to the salon – at the SM Hypermarket Adriatico branch. Aria was with me and so my mom and our helper took her around the mini-mall. She tried on this trike:

Daddy, I want this! It has George's cousin in it!


After a few minutes of “me time”, I looked like this:

I don't look like my daughter's yaya anymore.

Groupon works by offering discount vouchers which should be purchased by a certain number of buyers. For example: the deal of the day is this:

Half Off on a mani-pedi at The Nail Boutique and Cafe –

You wait at the end of the day if the deal is on, then they will send you a confirmation email with the voucher that you can just print and use. That simple. I did not want to recommend unless I used it myself. And it’s worth it. I also got another deal for a photo session which is perfect for my daughter’s pictorial.

But warning: this may cause Groupon anxiety. This is the case presented by The Economist. Follow this link:

Anyway, I was happy to have gotten this me time through Groupon. Full time moms also deserve me time, right?


~ Touringkitty

First writing collaboration with hubby

Finally, it’s up!

We have actually made this piece together. Well, he asked me to make this and be guest blogger for his site. I think I wasn’t able to finish this so he added some more, polished it clean, and voila! Our first writing project together!

Please view his blog and see how you can invest in the stock market. We’re trying this now, and I must say, it works. We’ve earned 1/4 of what we invested after two and a half months! You just have to be really patient.

And don’t forget to check out the site of the online stock market we introduced in this piece.

Happy marketing!

– Touringkitty