A foundation that supports breastfeeding

While formula and follow-on milk formula are enjoying the limelight in the marketing scene, it’s always nice to know that there are still institutions who dared take that road less traveled and support only the best–breastfeeding. I got a chance to attend a forum on the Mother-Baby Friendly Philippines program of the World Vision and […]

Consummatum est: Weaned from the breast

I really cannot think of any good title for this post. I just had to post this anyway: Aria is FULLY WEANED from the breast. From MY breasts, which nourished her with my own milk from Day One. No more breastfeeding, no more asking for “dede” to be able to sleep. Not even for comfort. Not […]

Hakab Na! 2015: Bigger event for a big cause

Flash mobs are always an instant hit with people. And this is one mob our family would definitely support. Two years ago, my family participated in the first ever breastfeeding mob organised by Breastfeeding Pinays, an online support group of families who truly support breastfeeding. The mob was supposed to be held outdoors, at the […]

www.gobreastfeed.com: A new local go-to site for breastfeeding

“Wala akong gatas, eh.” “Naubusan na ako ng gatas.” “Masakit magpadede.” “Gusto ko na magtrabaho ulit.” These are just four of the most common things I’ve heard (and said so myself) about breastfeeding. Unfortunately, these phrases can make or break breastfeeding success.   One mom had a vision: to educate and empower mothers to breastfeed in […]

Mother of Milk celebrates Feast Day on October 11

Nuestra Señora de La Leche Y Buen Parto, or more popularly known as Our Lady of La Leche, is the patroness of mothers and mothers-to-be. Her image is that of the Blessed Mother breastfeeding her Baby Jesus. All mothers, particularly pregnant, nursing and trying to conceive, come to Our Lady of La Leche with their […]

Breastfeeding: a solution to societal problems

“Welcome to the Milk Mama Diaries Carnival (August). For this month, we write about the World Breastfeeding Week 2014 – Breastfeeding: A Winning Goal for Life and share how breastfeeding can help the Philippines achieve the 8 Millennium Development Goals developed by the government and the United Nations. Participants will share their thoughts, experiences, hopes […]

Thanksgiving Mass in honor of Our Lady of La Leche on August 30

UPDATED POST: Updated schedules on the event day Through our breastfeeding journey, I was blessed to meet new people and learned a lot of things. One of which is the devotion to Our Lady of La Leche (Nuestra Senora de la leche y buen parto-Our Lady of Milk and good birth), patroness of mothers and […]

Breastfeeding Month Activities

UPDATED with two more events! Read on. August is just around the corner! Oh, how time flies. It also means my daughter will be celebrating her birthday again, and she’s turning four! Unexpectedly, my August became my second December for this year with the line up of activities related to breastfeeding. My breastfeeding advocacy inspired me […]

Mom’s Basket: A basketful of stories through cookies

Sharing is caring. It all started with sharing her homemade lactation cookies to someone who is a total stranger, but was in dire need of foods which will help increase her milk supply. Dea Macachor-Mesa is the mom behind Mom’s Basket, her small home business which she started last year. Visit her Instagram feed and read […]

Run for Breastfeeding: Join the Nurture Run on May 18

UPDATE: The event is rescheduled to May 18 from April 13. See details on their website. — You would definitely join a fun run for any good cause, but would you run for Breastfeeding? The recent calamities that struck our country underscored the importance of breastfeeding, especially in times of emergency. Lactation support groups made […]