THE DOCTOR IS LATE should be the signage on her clinic door!

Her clinic is 8-10 AM but she arrives at 11! Wow. Happened to me in those two times I made an appointment with my new doctor. I panicked the first time because I didn’t leave pumped milk for my baby because I was first on the appointment list anyway and the clinic was less than a kilometer away from home. Turned out I waited for two hours so imagine how I felt. Baby might cry of hunger, might be looking for me, etc.

The reason for her being late: it was raining. So what?!

I heard a story from another patient. This patient arrived at 10.30 AM because she is so used to the doctor’s late arrival. But the nursing attendant said the doctor left already at 9 AM! The poor patient had to reschedule her doctor’s appointment again.

It’s not only with my doctor, but also of my baby’s pedia. Her clinic is 10 AM-12 PM and she has an afternoon schedule as well, but I always go in the morning after baby’s morning nap, or during naptime when she gets to snooze inside the clinic. Still, I make the earliest appointment but then, with the long waiting time, baby is cranky already while getting the vaccine shot. Ending: loud squealing, squirming, red-eyed baby.

This morning, we arrived a little early and on the waiting area was a young boy who seemed to have high fever. Her grandma carried her and the mother was just seated. They tried to give him milk in a bottle (formula perhaps) and rubbed his head and face with wet towel. A few minutes after, the mother was carrying her son out of the clinic, shouting his name, and rushed to the nearby hospital. Apparently the kid was having convulsions. Or something else. My baby and I stepped outside because I got one bored baby.

Poor kid. They could have brought him directly to the emergency room of the hospital across the street and not wait for the pedia, who arrived at 11 AM. Aria and I were there since 9.45 AM. She slept as soon as we reached home and almost missed lunch.

We all have appointments, right? It’s no fair that these medical professionals are always late for clinic appointments and charge sky high professional fees for two minutes of talking to one patient who waited for hours, who travelled hours to reach the clinic, and who left their babies or bring with them.

How’s your experience with your doctor? Do they come late or early?

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