I said I would not believe until I’ve used one.

Ah, finally!

This was my first Groupon purchase – a P450 voucher for a haircut, hot oil, back and scalp massage, and eyebrow threading at David’s Salon. Imagine that!

So after my final therapy session we went straight to the salon – at the SM Hypermarket Adriatico branch. Aria was with me and so my mom and our helper took her around the mini-mall. She tried on this trike:

Daddy, I want this! It has George's cousin in it!


After a few minutes of “me time”, I looked like this:

I don't look like my daughter's yaya anymore.

Groupon works by offering discount vouchers which should be purchased by a certain number of buyers. For example: the deal of the day is this:

Half Off on a mani-pedi at The Nail Boutique and Cafe – http://www.beeconomic.com.ph/deals/metro_manila/p425-instead-of-p850-for-a-botique-mani-pedi-at-the-nail-boutique-cafe/715830752

You wait at the end of the day if the deal is on, then they will send you a confirmation email with the voucher that you can just print and use. That simple. I did not want to recommend unless I used it myself. And it’s worth it. I also got another deal for a photo session which is perfect for my daughter’s pictorial.

But warning: this may cause Groupon anxiety. This is the case presented by The Economist. Follow this link:


Anyway, I was happy to have gotten this me time through Groupon. Full time moms also deserve me time, right?


~ Touringkitty

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