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Schatzinfinity: Ten years of marriage

#blessed is never cliche

If I were to sum up the past ten years of being married to the love of my life, only one word comes to mind: GRATEFUL.

That my husband and I are stronger together, and we’ve proven it to each other and to other people many times already.

That we have a home we can call our own.

That we hurdle life’s challenges together, big or small.

That our witnesses stand true to their roles as second parents (sadly, we unexpectedly lost a ninang a couple of months ago).

That our families and friends are with us, in good times and in bad (we still grieve though for the loss of my husband’s father).

That we get to do things we both love–choral singing, making music, travel, writing– and also do things on our own–his passion for martial arts, my various interests and advocacies.

That we have our little treasure, Ariadne.

That we are Schatzis (treasure in German). And this union is #schatzinfinity.

So, how did we celebrate this milestone?

Well, we were in Europe for this.

On tour with the Ateneo Chamber Singers. Concerts, competitions in Germany and Spain. I cannot say anything more but THANK YOU, LORD! Photo from the ACS FB Page

I have posted pockets of words and photos over my Facebook Page and Instagram (LIKE TOURINGKITTY please!) and will slowly (and I mean slow….ly!) gather them in one post, real soon!

Going back to celebrating, we did not have anything planned, really. Since last year, the ACS began their preparation for this trip. My husband was planning to come home in time for our anniversary, but I suggested that he finish the whole trip instead. You don’t get to go to Europe everyday! So, we settled to celebrating belatedly, perhaps with a Mass, Renewal of Vows, and fancy dinner.

But God has his own way of surprising us. Two months before the trip commenced, I was invited. To join as soprano. Bubble thoughts went like: We will sing in a choir. Together. And tour Europe. In time for our wedding anniversary.

I. Am. Stoked! Who am I to say no?!

And so I said I DO (haha I mean, yes, I am honoured to join!), and right on my birthday, I applied for my visa which was granted two days after. It was meant to be.


10th Wedding Anniversary, Barci style

We had a full schedule on the day of our anniversary, but the previous two days of it were absolutely free days. And we were in Barcelona, Spain! We shopped and ate and strolled, and did most everything just the two of us.

Must. Have. This. Pic. Bench pic on the streets of Barcelona. Photo by our dear Pastorgrapher (Our choirmate and Pastor-friend who made us his favourite photo subjects!).

One of our godparents treated us for an unforgettable Tapas dinner, and got ourselves almost drunk with Sangria (lol). Our pastor-friend and choirmate (yes the ACS is super blessed to have a pastor!) gave time to lead us in scripture reading, reflection, and prayer. We read and reflected on the same Gospel passage on our wedding day.

The best part:

Sagrada Familia, everyone. Such magnificence only God can create. Gaudi, you the man.

We got to tour the church (few photos on my Facebook Page!) and I can’t help but cry while praying.


A Spiritual Pilgrimage to celebrate a decade of marriage

We had a long day on our anniversary day, which began with this.

A Mass in Catalan language at the Barcelona Cathedral. Luckily, there was a Filipino couple based in the USA who were vacationing and volunteered to take our photos in exchange for taking theirs. They were belatedly celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary with that trip.

We were scheduled to visit two more Ignatian sites (because Ateneo) — Montserrat and Manresa. Few days before that, we were privileged to visit Loiola, the birthplace of St. Ignatius.

We sang a couple of Marian songs as offering to Our Lady of Montserrat. Video courtesy of Enric Genesca, one of our host-organizers from Polifonica Puig-reig:

We were told that choirs who visit here would have to get permission to sing inside the Abbey. So this is a rare and special and blessed opportunity for us.

After which, a sumptuous Chinese buffet lunch (yum!) and dinner at the hotel, where we also performed for an awarding ceremony for the Polifonica Puig-reig, our host choir, which celebrates its 50th year as a choir.

Still up and about! Great way to end the day.

Who gets to spend their wedding anniversary this way? We are truly thankful that this has all happened. All in God’s plan and perfect time.

We are grateful that we got to spend this special occasion with the people who are dear to us, our ACS family.

A pair of witnesses! Ninong Jojo, our conductor, and Ninang Bitchik, who treated us with that unforgettable dinner. This is in Tossa de mar the day after for more sightseeing and unwinding after the busy days of concerts and competitions.

Bonus photo! Check out our ACS Fam ten years ago during the wedding reception!

Love our ACS Fam! 3/4 of the people in this photo are part of the tour as singers. Two of them we got to see in Tolosa.

Just like any other marriage, ours is a work in progress, every single day. But we keep in mind what our father-rector and spiritual tatay said during the Homily on our wedding day, the three things our marriage should have: Communication, Care, Be fair.

We missed our daughter for almost a month, but we are more blessed that my mother and sister willingly took care of her while we were in this trip. We cannot be any more grateful for that.

I don’t know how to end this post, and I must try to sleep (hello jetlag, it’s been a week and you are back!) so let me end with this Bible verse that we have reflected upon ten years ago, last week for the 10th anniversary, and forever until death parts us.

Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. (Ephesians 5:21)

Ich hab ein schatz gefunden. Photo again by Pastor Binky in Calella, Spain. Instant photoshoot while waiting for the opening program of the competitions.


Ich liebe dich, mein Schatzi Ton!


Dein Schatzi Em =)


~ Touringkitty

Of books and proposals: a post-Valentines Day post

Let us welcome 2018 on the blog with love, love, love!

It was a heavy January (let us save this for later), but February is sure heartwarming. HeARTS month it is!

So, here’s a little story about our engagement 11 years ago.

“Lord, a smart guy will do. Kahit hindi gwapo.”

He gave me a #Mensan, a high IQ guy. The good looks came as a welcome bonus.

Not even exerting effort!


October 2007 when he asked me if I was ready to take our relationship to the next level. I said yes. Nothing fancy schmancy. But I was in for a surprise.

December 2007, Ton and I visited MV Doulos, the oldest passenger ship and now a floating bookstore. I was clueless of his “paandar”–a cookbook with a paper on page 143 which says “Will you marry me?” Then on bended knee, he showed a small box with the engagement ring. We were alone in that area–the cookbook area–and it was a perfect moment for just the two of us.

We celebrate ten years of our marriage in November this year. As a post-Valentines date (never on Valentines Day), Ton and I visited the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. Reminisced the engagement scene (took photos at the cookbook section) and shopped for books (yet again, since he and our daughter “dated” here already a few days ago).

We love to read…and eat. We also love to cook, sometimes.

I am happy to be married to Ton. I know that we are together come hell or high water. And we will overcome many more, as long as we are together, and with God as our Center.

Happy belated Valentines Day, Mein Schatz!


Without Wax,

Deine Schatzi Em =)


Toy Kingdom’s Amazing Toy Expo 2016

Hooray! Been waiting for this event. The toy lover in me cannot help it. And great that it happens in my side of town. See you there!

Toy Expo Poster

Toy Kingdom once again brings the most amazing gathering of toys in the Philippines in its Toy Expo 2016 at the 2nd Level of the SMX Convention Center from August 19-21, 2016.

Experience the thrill of being one of the first to have the newest and upcoming toys in the market. These come with special price offers and freebies- a perfect treat for your early Christmas shopping.

Fun booths of branded toys with life size 3D character statues welcome guests to the Toy Expo. Each booth comes with an exciting activity wherein kids can explore and play with the toys they love.

They can also have a sneak peek – and have the first pick – of the latest toys for the Holiday season! These include toys from Trolls, Suicide Squad, Star Wars, classic Disney Junior; and the first Filipino Plush toys Plush and Play.

Kids will love the new Barbie You Can be Anything collection and My Little Pony. There will also be a Betty Spaghetti Launch and Meet and Greet sessions of Shopkins and Cartoon Network’s Power Puff girls. They will enjoy Marvel’s Avengers Metals Die Cast, the latest Lego Nexo Knights and Transformers. They will also have a thrilling ride at the Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt series, and be able to meet and greet the famous squad of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

During the event, kids can also Meet and Greet well loved characters from Nickelodeon’s Paw Patrol, the Grossery Gang, and more.




Check out Toy Kingdom’s Toy Expo 2016 at 2nd level of the SMX Convention Center from 10am to 10pm on August 19-21, 2016. Visit; official event hashtag: #TKToyExpo2016; follow ToyKingdomPH on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Masflex Cookware: Celebrating 25 years For the Love of Cooking

The Masflex brand recently celebrated 25 years in the Philippines.

I received an invitation to join Masflex’s celebrations, and it was an afternoon filled with food, cooking, and some surprises.

Products were displayed all over the venue. I was seated near the cookware displays, so I took this video:

A video posted by Em Alcantara (@touringkitty) on

What best way to showcase Masflex’s products than to try them yourself! We were given a chance to do some Pancake Art (which, I think, I didn’t fare well, haha, so much for the non-visual artist musician!).

Pancake Art

This was actually a contest of the best pancake art, and the winners did really pretty designs!

And, live cooking demo, of course! Masflex also introduced its newest Brand Ambassador, Nancy Reyes Lumen. Who else but the Adobo Queen can show off Masflex Cookware’s versatility through her cooking!

Ms. Nancy Reyes - Lumen (Brand Ambassador together with the Host, Mr. Hiren Mirchandani - VP for Marketing
Ms. Nancy Reyes – Lumen (Brand Ambassador together with the Host, Mr. Hiren Mirchandani – VP for Marketing

Ms. Nancy showed us three recipes – Adobo sa Beer, Kinulob, and Bibingka Crepe. She even showed a bonus recipe, called Rodrigo’s Roast, which became timely then because of the name of the new Philippine President.

Adobo sa Beer
Adobo sa Beer.
Bibingka Ube Crepe Cake
Bibingka Ube Crepe Cake.

She invited guests to be “chef of the day” who assisted her in her cooking of each dish.

Chef Jaja, who is also an art teacher, assisted us in the Pancake Art area.

At the end of the program, the big box onstage filled with Masflex items were won by one lucky guest! 

Awarding of Grand Raffle

Before marriage, I wasn’t that keen on my cookware. What we have at home, we use. But now that I have my own family to cook for and feed, I was checking on the brands of my cookware, ensuring they are of high quality and will last for a long time. I think I’ve found where to invest my money on for cookware and kitchenware.

We are on the process of shifting into induction cooking, which some of my friends say, is more cost efficient and safe considering we live in a condo unit. Gotta change cookware as well, and I know which ones to get from the Masflex line.

Congratulations, Masflex Cookware!

Before I end, a final photo:

Touringkitty with Mr. Mirchandani and Ms. Reyes Lumen for a final photo op. I was so shy to come up onstage at first but I did, and even introduced myself to Ms. Nancy whom I first met during the Teresa production of their Alma Mater, St. Theresas College last year.

All photos supplied by Masflex.

Facebook Page:
YouTube channel: MasflexCookware

~ Touringkitty

Ariadne the Ballerina

I am a frustrated ballerina. Up to this point, I still wonder what if I took formal ballet as a child. I will never forget my ballet presentation in school, where we had a show in Folk Arts Theater, no less.

My daughter, meanwhile, loved ballet, that it took us three years to ensure she likes it.

Aria finally finished her first ballet classes under Ballet Manila.

Since we only live in the next street, we decided to enrol in this school run by Prima Ballerina Lisa Macuja-Elizalde and Osias Barroso.

Three years ago when she first learned about ballet, through a cartoon called Angelina Ballerina, and eventually through a book about ballet which I bought online.

She had watched a lot of ballet performances, from three ballet companies in the area (I love Pasay City because it’s an arts hub, despite the crowded and traffic streets!). The very first full length we watched was in 2014 which is Ballet Philippines’ Cinderella. Then we watched Mga Kwento ni Lola Basyang, which was her fifth birthday outreach activity, sponsoring kids from Food for Hungry Minds to watch this ballet. Before Christmas last year, she watched Philippine Ballet Theater’s The Nutcracker with her dad, and Ballet Philippines’ Peter Pan.

Aria treated all these kids (plus some of their teachers and parents) to a night of ballet and Philippne literature. A memorable fifth birthday for her.

And so, this summer, we asked her again if she is really decided to take ballet. Since this will take up most of her time, we really had to ask her not once but a lot of times.

Good thing, Ballet Manila had an Open House activity in March where Aria got to try a full hour of lesson.

The lonesome student with the teacher. Teacher Maika was also her actual teacher in her class.

What we liked about Ballet Manila was, aside from its proximity, the waiting area for parents and guardians has CCTV so you could see your child while in class. I just hope they would be more strict in terms of security, especially when their gates are wide open and outside the parking area is the busy one way street already.

Finally, she started lessons in April. We didn’t have ballet clothes yet, but we got sponsors.

Aria got this leotard from one of my voice students.

My mom and sister (thank God for them!) bought almost all of her clothes–from leotards to tights to shoes.

First day high. And lookmat her purple shoes! Nope, the recommended attire is pink, but she eventually got pink ones soon after. Purple rocks!

Aria had ballet lessons three times a week, but since Mommy and Daddy had to work, too, it was mostly my mom–her Nonna–who takes her to class. Good thing we’re literally a skip and a hop away! One pedicab, actually, since it was scorching hot during her timeslot of 11 in the morning.

She eventually had rehearsals, which filled up her afternoons. She skipped a couple of sessions due to other pre-scheduled events (which were actually because of this blog). She even squeezed in two weeks of swimming lessons in a nearby hotel (that’a story for another day).

Thereafter, they had a photoshoot session for the souvenir program.

She got so dark because of swimming.
This was her class, Twinkle Toes level. 5-6 year olds.

She was so excited for the recital, that ever since learning her steps, she kept on practicing at home with her doll as partner (talk about artist discipline!). She also kept on reminding me and her dad about recital day, and made sure she invited the people dear to her to watch.

Recital day came, and we were in full force to support our little ballerina! They danced two musical numbers, and sharing with you one of them here. Click this link.

We are so proud of our little ballerina!

So, do we continue? Yes, we will, but probably delay it for a couple months since we are starting Grade 1 already and we will homeschool (yes, another post!).

It was one fulfilling summer for her. And for us parents, too.

Daddy wrote this dedication for the souvenir program.
Prima Ballerina and my little ballerina. #fangoals (for me, that is!).

How did you spend your summer?

~ Touringkitty

Consummatum est: Weaned from the breast

I really cannot think of any good title for this post. I just had to post this anyway: Aria is FULLY WEANED from the breast. From MY breasts, which nourished her with my own milk from Day One.

No more breastfeeding, no more asking for “dede” to be able to sleep. Not even for comfort. Not even for…nothing. Hugs work. Blankets work. Dolls work. That’s enough for her.

I actually thought she’d wean after that two-week Europe trip I had in the middle of last year. Or even that overnight trip to Balesin last month. But she didn’t.

It has been close to two weeks of no nursing at all, no asking for “dede” to sleep. After our nightly prayers, she would just wrap herself in a blanket to sleep, then mightily proclaim that she will sleep by herself because she is a big girl.


She IS big. We have to pay for her train fare already. No more free buffet for her either. Kid's Rates already apply.
She IS big. We have to pay for her train fare already. No more free buffet for her either. Kid’s Rates already apply.

Let’s count this exactly: Five years, five and a half months. From someone who had doubts in the early days, who was almost persuaded to give formula (to which I never gave in), whose original goal was just six months, it was more than what I prayed for.

Breastfeeding is an investment. Aside from not buying formula and bottles anymore, we had lesser hospital trips, and reduced risk for certain types of cancers. Not only my daughter, but for me as well. Plus the countless other positive benefits for the whole family. Even for Daddy, who always had a good sound sleep in the night.

What happens next? Baby number two so I could breastfeed again? That’ll come, Sa Tamang Panahon.

That’s why I am ever so happy to see MORE breastfeeding families nowadays, and actively promoting it through the organisations that I am part of — LATCH and Our Lady of La Leche Movement.

It is true, a mom could be emotional when weaning time comes. For some, they choose to force wean, for some reasons. But I let this one come naturally, on her own. And all I feel is bittersweet.

I am praying and will continue to support all families who choose breastfeeding. Trust me, it’s the BEST and ONLY choice you’d want for your children.


~ Touringkitty

Seven years of marriage

Last month, my husband and I celebrated our Seventh Wedding Anniversary in a simple, meaningful, and love-filled way.

November 8 this year was a Sunday, and we have church duties with the choir. We were really planning to ask for a prayer of blessing from our Rector, Monsignor Bobby Canlas, who graciously celebrated our wedding day seven years ago. We didn’t know whether he is celebrating Mass for that schedule or not, but we were planning to send him a message in case we won’t be able to meet him in the morning.

But what happened was this happy surprise.

Surprise! Instant Renewal of Vows right after the Holy Mass! (See the empty pews?) This priest loves my family so much, and for that we are grateful.

Some of my choir members were still on queue for Holy Communion after the Mass, and as we were already having the Renewal of Vows, I signaled them from afar to take photos. Huge thanks to their support!


Photo photo! Just like a real wedding. Love and blessings abound.
Photo with the priest celebrant! Just like a real wedding. Love and blessings abound.

We somehow had a gut feel that Mons Bobby made it a point to celebrate Mass during our choir’s Mass timeslot, so we could have our Renewal of Vows after the Mass. Coincidence or not, we were truly grateful for his generosity and thoughtfulness.

Then, it’s lunchtime for this family of three! We really didn’t have anything planned for this day, except for that lunch. My husband treated us for some Japanese in a nearby hotel.

And we had this picture taken at the hotel lobby!
And we had this picture taken at the hotel lobby after the yummy lunch.

We then went home to rest in the afternoon, and in a very last minute decision, my husband asked me for a date (insert #kiligpamore here). I had to immediately call for backup (aka my mom and sister) to look over our daughter while we date. So, he asked me to choose between a romantic movie or the contemporary music orchestra concert at the CCP. Of course, I chose the…latter!

Music nerds unite!
Music nerds unite!

I sang for the opening concert of the 33rd Asian Composer’s League International Festival and Conference, two days prior this, at the UP Abelardo Hall Auditorium, with the Auit Vocal Chamber Ensemble under the baton of Katz Trangco. And this that we watched is the orchestra concert of the festival, held at the nearby Cultural Center of the Philippines.

The concert featured orchestral works of composers from various Asian countries, including one of our friends and choirmate in Auit, Jimuel Dave Dagta. Days after that concert, he won a special composer’s prize in that festival!

The music was rather new to my husband’s ears, because he isn’t used to listening to contemporary works in one sitting. But he enjoyed the experience. While I am impressed with the different textures and compositional styles used by different Asian composers.

The night won’t be complete without our usual coffee-after-the-show sesh at Starbucks. Guilty pleasure! This we don’t get to do most of the time anymore, unlike when I was in college and together with some friends, we’d usually unwind after a concert over food or coffee.

It was a simple celebration yet very unforgettable. With the love from family and friends that surrounds our household, we are beyond blessed.

And here’s a short and sweet message to my dearest treasure.

To my beloved Schatzi,


Here’s to forever!

Darling I will be loving you even beyond seventy.


Much love, 





How do you celebrate an important occasion? Do share how, so I could also get tips for the next date night!

Ariadne is Five

I still can’t believe I have a five year old already. Half a decade already with a lovely little girl who makes our lives brighter, more focused, and more blissful.

Here’s a look back at her previous birthday celebrations. We wanted to keep everything simple for the little one, and I know that’s how she likes them, too.

Fresh from the oven! This is the evening when I gave birth to her.
Fresh from the oven! This is the evening when I gave birth to her.

After the 11 monthly mini-celebrations, we celebrated her first year of life with, what else, but a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed party at McDonald's! Batang McDo mom here.
After the 11 monthly mini-celebrations, we celebrated her first year of life with, what else, but a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed party at McDonald’s! Batang McDo mom here.

We chose to celebrate her second year in Friday's. Yes, you guessed it right, it was a Friday on August 31, 2012.
We chose to celebrate her second year in Friday’s. Yes, you guessed it right, it was a Friday on August 31, 2012. It was just a simple family celebration of about five people–us three including my mom and sister.

On Aria's third birthday, I had to attend a whole day seminar. So we chose to celebrate as a family at Friday's again, only because the discount card we got the previous year was expiring on Aria's birthday!
On Aria’s third birthday, I had to attend a whole day seminar. So we chose to celebrate as a family at Friday’s again, only because the discount card we got the previous year was expiring on Aria’s birthday!

Aria wanted a party of her own for her fourth, after attending too many birthday parties of friends. So Mommy prayed for provision, and God gave it to us. Plus, this was the year that Hello Kitty themed parties at Jollibee was launched. Perfect timing! We invited a few friends and family to join the celebration.
Aria wanted a party of her own for her fourth, after attending too many birthday parties of friends. So Mommy prayed for provision, and God gave it to us. Hello Kitty themed parties at Jollibee were available that time! We invited our beloved family and friends to the celebration.
For her fifth birthday, we didn’t plan anything, but her birthday seemed to have planned itself, and spanning four days, from Friday to Monday, her actual birthday.

Disney’s Frozen perhaps would be Aria’s favourite video for like forever! It’s such a timeless tale created in the modern times, kudos to its creators. And of course that the music was created by a Filipino, makes us proud because it speaks a lot of heart and soul! Even I would sometimes shed a tear whenever I play “Do you want to build a Snowman?” on piano with my daughter singing.

So, imagine my daughter finding out that we got an invitation for the Frozen Fever Meet and Greet, right on her birthday weekend! Good thing that we were invited to the media event the day before it opened to the public, we got to see them before everyone else!


Check out a video of the media event here.  

Found us? We’re on the 35 second mark! (Video credit goes to Kid’s Toys channel, which Aria watches sometimes on Youtube–we’re subscribed actually to their channel!).

In the evening, we went to a ballet performance of Ballet Manila. As of the moment, they’re now our favourite ensemble! And we went with these kids and their teachers and parents from Food for Hungry Minds. Such a happy birthday for my little girl who shared her blessings with them.

It was my mom’s birthday on that Saturday, August 29th. This is the only day of that weekend the Hi-5 Gang of the family could be complete, so we thought of the best way to celebrate it: RED BOX!
Candle blowing ceremonies going on for the two birthday ladies!
Candle blowing ceremonies going on for the two birthday ladies!

Sunday was church day for us. But we still had something in store for the little bunny in the afternoon.

I just came down from the choir loft after the Mass, and got a perfect spot to take a shot of my loves being granted a special blessing by one of our priest-friends, Fr. Tony Atole.
I just came down from the choir loft after the Mass, and got a perfect spot to take a shot of my loves being granted a special blessing by one of our priest-friends, Fr. Tony Atole.

How and why would I not attend if the one who invited you for her event is your idol? Yes, Tintin Babao personally extended the invitation for her storytelling session at the Philippine Literary Festival, when we crossed paths on Greenbelt a few days prior, during the LATCH USB event. So, there we went on the event. Super glad to meet their family as well.

And finally, on Aria’s birthday, which was incidentally National Heroes Day (that makes it a national HOLIDAY!), and since it was also the last day of the Frozen meet and greet, Aria wanted to take this chance to go back, this time in a different costume.

It's Aurora this time! And as she approached Anna, she said, "It's my birthday today!" And she received the warmest hugs.
It’s Aurora this time! And as she approached Anna, she said, “It’s my birthday today!” And she received the warmest hugs.
We thought it was the end of the celebration. Another surprise treat came from my sister, who treated me, my daughter, and my mom for a morning of Disney Live at the new Kia Theater in Araneta Center Cubao last September 5.

Birthday girls before showtime.
Birthday girls before showtime.
That was such a fun fifth birthday celebration. I can’t remember having that when I was little.

So, now’s the emo-moment of this post.


Dearest Baby Bunny Ariadne,

I can’t praise and thank God enough for entrusting you to us. His Name is praised now and forever.

You are a great blessing to our family and to our community. Your bright smiles, infectious laughter, charm, wit, and humour make us all believe that life is beautiful. 

You are so generous, so thoughtful, so caring, especially to me and to Daddy Bunbun. You may be kulit at times but your kindness remain.

Thank you for making Mommy strong. Giving birth to you came naturally–literally nad figuratively. Thank you too for teaching Mommy to ask help, for reminding Mommy to slow down sometimes.

Thank you for allowing me to nourish you through my own milk. And thank you for being part of my breastfeeding advocacy as well. You have not stopped at five years but I don’t mind.

Thank you for allowing Mommy to work sometimes. You know that I do it because Mommy has to do it, and that Mommy likes to do it. Don’t worry, we will have lots of bonding time when work is done.

Thank you for praying with Mommy Bunny always. I like that we begin and end the day with prayer, as well as every meal (and you even remind me and Daddy if we forget!). Thank you for always praying for the sick especially the children, and lifting them up to Our Lady of Lourdes.

Thank you for being a great homeschooler. Keep it up, little learner! Last year your award was Most Helpful. We’ll see what your award this year will be.

Thank you for being a simple girl, for not asking for too much, for understanding Mommy and Daddy all the time, for sharing with us what you’re eating.

Thank you for being you. I love you. I am glad you choose me to be your mom.



Mommy Bunny Em

Loving mommyhood

I never imagined I would love being a mother. For the past five years, my life had been crazy happy, and all because of a little girl named Ariadne.

My little one all grown up.
My little one all grown up.

I love that we have so much time together, that we get to homeschool her. She’s now in Kinder and so far, she’s doing good.

The family loves having meals together, so whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner, we make sure to sit down and eat together.

I also love that I can sometimes bring her to work, so she gets to know the world she might be in in the future, if she chooses to.

She loves watching a concert, be it choral, symphonic, dance, or theatrical. She appreciates music, art, and dance so much.

Did I already mention we love to eat, a lot? We also love to prepare our own meals, too. And good thing these snacks came in our way.

We made some delicious pudding snacks using a new product launched by Milna Philippines last month. Easy to make, yummy to eat snacks for your little ones. This is our favourite mom and daughter moment–preparing food.

She loves that she calls me mommy. There is nothing sweeter that that, I believe. Someone depends on me, looks up to me, and loves me the simplest, purest way she knows. And she is my daughter, my own. Whose heart would not melt with that!

How do you #LoveMommyhood? Care to share? 


~ Touringkitty

Express Yourself: an afternoon of fun, games, and learning for moms and kids

Last Saturday, August 15th, we were a few of the lucky ones to witness the preview of Disney Pixar’s much anticipated movie, “Inside Out.”

But before watching the film, moms and kids were treated to an afternoon of learning and bonding through the Express Yourself Parenting Workshop, organized by SM Cinema and its official food unit, Snack Time, and the country’s top parenting magazine and website, Smart Parenting.

My little cute girl. Such a charmer!
My little cute girl. Such a charmer! Before the program started, the kids had a chance to colour Inside Out characters.
With Joy, I mean, the host for the event, Mary Viernes.
With Joy, I mean, the host for the event, Mary Viernes.

The program consisted of talks about food and colour.

With Good Housekeeping's Food Editor, Chef Roselle Miranda, who gave tips on how to make quick and easy bento lunches.
With Good Housekeeping’s Food Editor, Chef Roselle Miranda, who gave tips on how to make quick and easy bento lunches.
Since the characters of the movie, Inside Out were just colourful, the event also had Mark Dean Lim of Color Me Doodle talk about colours and their meaning.
Since the characters of the movie, Inside Out were just colourful, the event also had Mark Dean Lim of Color Me Doodle talk about colours and their meaning.

The Activity Center of SM Aura was filled with various booths and activities to choose from. Food and drinks were also served.

Moms and kids listening to the talks.
Moms and kids listening to the talks.
Photobooth to capture the happy faces. Joy indeed.
Photobooth to capture the happy faces. Joy indeed.
Kids being happy and content playing with these Krispy Kreme balloons.
Kids being happy and content playing with these Krispy Kreme balloons.

Moms got to try some pampering, too! I tried out hand paraffin and back massage from Bioessences, one of the sponsors of the event.

After which, at five in the afternoon, we went up a floor to the cinemas for the exclusive preview of Inside Out.

The movie is already showing since August 19, and I’d really recommend it for parents and kids alike. This is a good movie to teach emotions to children. And it will make us proud that a Filipino co-directed the movie. Indeed we are making waves in the arts!

So, come visit your nearest SM Cinema to watch Inside Out!

Once again, a huge thanks to Smart Parenting for the invitation, and SM Cinema and Snack Time for organizing this event! The pre-movie activities prepped us all for the movie, as we have created wonderful memories with our children. Another ball of Joy in their memory bank, or perhaps in their Core Memory! Ok, better watch before I spoil too much!


~ Touringkitty


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