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Manila Workshops: Roll Two Launch and Business Mixer

Connections matter. Whether it’s online or offline, creating new connections everyday is important, especially when you are growing your career. My husband and I also love playing board games. It teaches, in a subtle/obvious way, strategy, decision-making, critical thinking, among many other things….
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Touringkittyps: Three unique (and meaningful) Halloween events for your kids

Real talk. I am not that keen in celebrating Halloween, even now that I have a kid. Besides, isn’t it that Halloween celebrations here in the country started just in the past decade? As kids, our Halloween–make that All Souls…
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Plan W Sing Philippines Choral Leadership Program for Women Conductors

Singing is second nature to Filipinos. Everywhere you go–whether at churches, schools, companies, or barangays, people can easily join in singing and carry a tune, which eventually turns into a beautiful harmony when done together. A few decades ago, a woman had a vision of…
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