Make brushing more fun with Minions!

If it were not for my parents’ diligence in bringing us to dental appointments and cleaning regularly, my sister and I would probably have a bad set of teeth. And so we do this now to our daughter, who, not like me, didn’t like brushing as a little girl. But when the tooth fairy teeth […]

Touringkittyps: Staycationing to begin the New Year

Ever since I gave birth, we made it a point to spent New Year’s Eve and Day out of home. For some, it is not good luck since there is a saying that all doors and windows should be kept open to welcome the New Year, but for us, they’re all closed. Why so? For […]

Touringkittyps: When in Europe…

…do as the Europeans do! But of course, be mindful of yourself and your belongings. So, for this edition of Touringkittyps, here are five important things you should be doing when in Europe. Always bring your passports. Especially that you are not within the jurisdiction of your own country, it’s best to have your passports […]

Touringkittyps: Three unique (and meaningful) Halloween events for your kids

Real talk. I am not that keen in celebrating Halloween, even now that I have a kid. Besides, isn’t it that Halloween celebrations here in the country started just in the past decade? As kids, our Halloween–make that All Souls Day– celebrations include the traditional viewing of a special “Magandang Gabi Bayan” episode on a […]

Touringkitty Cooks: Dump-it-all Tuna Mushroom Pasta

Cooking at home takes up most of my mornings (or evenings). I usually spend 95% of my kitchen time in preparing the food, then 5% goes to the actual eating. But with my often busy schedule, I would rather rely on eating out, taking home food, or food delivery. Less effort, but often with more cost. What to […]

In search of a Mommy bag

What’s your current bag, mommies? Mine is like this.     And that’s my ONLY bag now. For any outfit regardless of colour, any occasion, any…anything!  During my college days, I have a collection of bags. Not that much, but enough to switch for any occasion. Now that I’m a mom, I want just one […]

Papal Visit PH: All you need to know in one go

The Catholic Faithful are counting only a couple of days for Pope Francis’ visit to the Philippines! And as of this writing, he had arrived in Sri Lanka where, among other things, His Holiness will canonize an Indian saint. How do we prepare ourselves for his visit? Here’s all we need to know in one go: THE ITINERARY Since the faithful are expected […]

Touringkittyps: Five ways to celebrate World Choral Day

Happy World Choral Day! Music in indeed the universal language. And the Philippines is very blessed to have a musical culture, especially a choral-singing culture where there are just so many choral groups already–in the churches, in schools, in offices, both private and public, and in communities. Our choral groups are among the most known in the […]

Touringkittyps: 10 Gift Suggestions from The Mind Museum

Who says giving Christmas gifts are only for the young ones? The Mind Museum gives us 10 gift suggestions this Yuletide season. You might think these gifts are only for science geeks, but with their wide array of museum activities and products from the Mind Museum Store, there’s definitely one for everyone. 1. The Scientific […]

Touringkittyps: Five for the mom traveller

Travelling with your tot? Here are five things that never leave my bag. First, what bag should you use? I have a big and lightweight bag where I can put both my kid’s and my stuff for the day. I also have a nylon bag, a wee bit smaller but spacious. Waterproof as well. Wonder what’s […]