Touringkitty Travels: Dating, European-style

We sang, we traveled, we ate. This is how we conquered Europe for the first time as husband and wife. We got to do it for almost a month. And even if we were traveling with a group, we cannot miss the chance to go out on a just-us date. So, on that one free… Continue reading Touringkitty Travels: Dating, European-style

Schatzinfinity: Ten years of marriage

Photo again by Pastor Binky in Calella, Spain. We had this idea to make an instant photoshoot in the woods while waiting for the opening program of the competitions.

#blessed is never cliche If I were to sum up the past ten years of being married to the love of my life, only one word comes to mind: GRATEFUL. That my husband and I are stronger together, and we’ve proven it to each other and to other people many times already. That we have… Continue reading Schatzinfinity: Ten years of marriage

Touringkitty Travels: Europe 2018 with the Ateneo Chamber Singers

On tour with the Ateneo Chamber Singers. Concerts, competitions in Germany and Spain. I cannot say anything more about this blessing but THANK YOU, LORD!

ACS happened. And I am so humbled, grateful, privileged, and honoured to be part of Vuelo 2018. Most updates I have posted on my Facebook Page (LIKE and FOLLOW Touringkitty now!). Will summarize stories on the blog as soon as jetlagged me recovers. Til the next post! ~ Touringkitty

Touringkitty Travels: Hong Kong Serendipitrip

And before we head on another trip, here’s a short summary of my Hong Kong trip last July (I know, late as usual!). I have been wanting to go on a solo trip for years. Moms need to recharge, you know. And for this particular trip, I intentionally identified Hong Kong because of three reasons:… Continue reading Touringkitty Travels: Hong Kong Serendipitrip

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Touringkittyps: When in Europe…

…do as the Europeans do! But of course, be mindful of yourself and your belongings. So, for this edition of Touringkittyps, here are five important things you should be doing when in Europe. Always bring your passports. Especially that you are not within the jurisdiction of your own country, it’s best to have your passports… Continue reading Touringkittyps: When in Europe…

Touringkitty Sings and Travels: Balesin Island Club

Up until now, I still marvel at the thought that I get to do two things I love the most, even beyond marriage and motherhood–singing and traveling. For my first working trip this year, I was off to a beautiful island called Balesin. Balesin is managed by Alphaland Corporation. It is a members-only resort so… Continue reading Touringkitty Sings and Travels: Balesin Island Club

A European Church Pilgrimage

When in Italy, do jumpshots!

Europe is known to have very beautiful churches. Those old (think Renaissance and Baroque), elaborately decorated, pipe-organ adorned, huge-domed churches. For the past Europe trip, one thing I made sure was to pray in a church in each city we’ll visit. I was happy to accomplish this, and more. Here are the churches I visited: 1. Church of… Continue reading A European Church Pilgrimage

#TKEurope2015: Pasyon

What brought us to Europe is the invitation to the Barasoain Kalinangan Foundation, Inc. to perform for the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space. Held every four years, PQ as it is popularly called, gathers together artists from all ofer the world for an exhibition. Prague turns into a huge arts hub, literally, including… Continue reading #TKEurope2015: Pasyon

#TKEurope2015: How it came to be

Visiting Europe four times without worrying too much on airfare and accommodations was more like winning the lottery or a raffle. But this would not be possible, in my case, if it were not for the musical talent God gave me. And for that I am humbled, honored, privileged, and happy to share His music… Continue reading #TKEurope2015: How it came to be

Touringkittyps: Five for the mom traveller

Travelling with your tot? Here are five things that never leave my bag. First, what bag should you use? I have a big and lightweight bag where I can put┬áboth my kid’s and my stuff for the day. I also have a nylon bag, a wee bit smaller but spacious. Waterproof as well. Wonder what’s… Continue reading Touringkittyps: Five for the mom traveller