Max’s introduces treats to beat the summer heat

I believe I have a lifelong affair with Max’s. Okay, that might not sound right, but am sure you know which Max I am talking about–the restaurant, of course. And indeed I have. From my parents’ wedding reception, the studio recital of my voice and piano students, my daughter’s baptism, reunions, meetings, or any time […]

Taste test your fave resto through Maya Kitchen Top Eats

I am (kinda) back to the blogging grind! It was a busy last quarter of 2016 and beginning of 2017 for me (you know why!), so here I am doing what a dutiful blogger should do–attend events and write about them. So, here goes! — Comfort food. Those were the best two words I have heard […]

Masflex Cookware: Celebrating 25 years For the Love of Cooking

The Masflex brand recently celebrated 25 years in the Philippines. I received an invitation to join Masflex’s celebrations, and it was an afternoon filled with food, cooking, and some surprises. Products were displayed all over the venue. I was seated near the cookware displays, so I took this video: A video posted by Em Alcantara […]

Magnolia Ice Cream + MaiChard: Pinasarap ng Tamang Panahon

It’s extremely and terribly hot these days! Just makes me want to jump in a pool or stay indoors with my AC in high cool temp. Makes me want to scream, “Ice Cream!!!” During Holy Week, I got a timely invitation from Magnolia Ice Cream to taste their newest Best of the Philippines Collection flavours. […]

Touringkitty Cooks: Dump-it-all Tuna Mushroom Pasta

Cooking at home takes up most of my mornings (or evenings). I usually spend 95% of my kitchen time in preparing the food, then 5% goes to the actual eating. But with my often busy schedule, I would rather rely on eating out, taking home food, or food delivery. Less effort, but often with more cost. What to […]

Gardenia Bakeries Plant Tour

Just as Mother’s month is about to end, some mommies and kids of Mommy Bloggers Philippines were treated to a fun-filled and tummy-filled half-day in a bread factory in Laguna. If you’ve been following me on Instagram (you haven’t follow me now! @touringkitty), you’d see my breakfast posts with Gardenia bread. I even took a […]

FoodPandaPH: Fast, fresh, favorite foods in your fingertips

Being condominium dwellers ourselves, food delivery is the next best thing to making our own food. Apart from the usual fast food delivery services, we always seek restaurants which delivery home-loved freshly cooked foods. Good thing there’s Food Panda!     You can order through their hotline, but Mommy Bloggers Philippines had their members try this service online. So, they […]

FROZEN at Movie Stars Cafe

Last month, we visited Movie Stars Cafe for the third time. Yup, three times already! And why would we not? We heard Frozen is already showing on the Restaurant with a Show, or a Show with a Restaurant! And what’s even greater, Touringkitty is giving 10% off your food and drinks! Don’t forget to RESERVE SEATS via […]

PRESS RELEASE: Bierra Paluto Restaurant: An extraordinary Dining Experience

From the moment you walk through our door, you can expect a warm welcome, lively atmosphere and a burst of exquisite flavors. Take a look and you’ll find a host of authentic features, the freshest ingredients and mouth-watering delicacies that capture the very essence of all things Filipino in Tex Mex Style. Put all of […]

Date Night: Wafu and Kilyawan@20

Last Saturday, my husband and I celebrated six years of marriage. And he started the day with these lovelies: For months, we’ve been talking about how to celebrate. Should we eat out? Watch a movie, a concert? Do we bring our daughter with us? Do we leave her with my mom and sister? So, we finally decided on having […]