Ever since I gave birth, we made it a point to spent New Year’s Eve and Day out of home. For some, it is not good luck since there is a saying that all doors and windows should be kept open to welcome the New Year, but for us, they’re all closed.

Why so? For one, we avoid the smoke, noise, and whathaveyous amidst the celebration. What’s even worse is the first day of the year itself, where all garbage and smog remain for quite a while. Also, we wanted to sleep in late as much as possible. Lastly, we’d have less stuff to pack away, since we’re going to leave the hotel by lunchtime anyway.

So, whether you are in the city, perhaps in the province, here are tips on what you should be bringing in, as you welcome in another year:

1. If you are fascinated with fireworks, the Capital city has it. Choose a rooftop in Makati Hotels and witness the magnificent fireworks around Makati, BGC in Taguig, Paranaque, among others, sometimes even as far as nearby provinces like Rizal or Laguna.

2. Bring a can with coins for your noisemaker. We brought an old tin can of what used to be butter cookies and placed some coins on it, to the delight of our small one.

3. Keep that cellphone charged while waiting for midnight. You won’t want to miss the events that are happening.

4. A notebook and pen can document what photos and videos cannot. You may start doodling your plans for the next days or months while having breakfast or waiting to check out.

5. Pray. Group hug. Shout Happy New Year together! Give each of your family members or loved ones a pat on the back for another year that has passed.

So, here’s our small greeting from our small family. Enjoy, and until the next Holiday Season!

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