What’s your current bag, mommies?

Mine is like this.  

And that’s my ONLY bag now. For any outfit regardless of colour, any occasion, any…anything! 

During my college days, I have a collection of bags. Not that much, but enough to switch for any occasion. Now that I’m a mom, I want just one bag for everything, so that I don’t have to switch bags and end up leaving stuff behind. I look for these specific qualities of a bag:

1. Spacious yet not too big. So I could dump in everything–make up kit, personal kit, even change of clothes for the little one. 

2. Sturdy. One which can stand by itself.

3. Straps, lots of it. The bag I have now I can sling on my body and on my shoulders. They should be sturdy too. 

I even hook carabiners onto straps which I use to hook grocery bags or water bottle. 

4. Storage slots or pockets in and outside for easy access. 

5. Spill proof. Against rain and water spills. 

About time to search for a new one, with a more neutral color. I always pass by Celine boutiques and been wanting to check their items. 

Good thing there’s online shopping! CLN handbags are available online at ZALORA Philippines.

What do you look for in buying your bags? 

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  1. I love bags!! Signature bags. I wish I could be content to have just a few but I can’t control myself whenever there’s a new style from brands that I love. Sling bags are for shopping, big bags are for occasional celebrations and clutch bags are for formal affairs. Handbags addiction could have a big dent on your wallet but it makes you happy! And I’m a happy addicted soul!

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