Being condominium dwellers ourselves, food delivery is the next best thing to making our own food. Apart from the usual fast food delivery services, we always seek restaurants which delivery home-loved freshly cooked foods.

Good thing there’s Food Panda!


Food Panda Website


You can order through their hotline, but Mommy Bloggers Philippines had their members try this service online. So, they gave us vouchers!

It took me quite a while to choose a restaurant, because (1) not all stores deliver in your location and (2) not all stores accept vouchers. Luckily, one store does, Gerry’s Grill in Macapagal Avenue!

Ordering online was easy:

1. Choose your location.

2. Choose the restaurant that delivers to your location.

3. Place your orders. The cart will prompt you whether you have reached their minimum order bill. Check out what I got:

They accept vouchers, and has a small delivery fee!

4. For the remainder of the amount, I paid it upon delivery.

Fresh food at our doorstep! Gerry's Grill Chopsuey and Crispy Squidheads.
Fresh food at our doorstep! Gerry’s Grill Chopsuey and Crispy Squidheads.

How would I describe their service?

Fast. Well, it really could have been faster if it were not a busy season like today was. It took the order about an hour and a half.

Fresh. Steaming hot, fresh food right at your doorstep, order placed with a touch of your fingertips (they have a phone application as well).

Favorite. Some of my favorite brands all in one place, without searching or memorizing all those hotlines. Here’s proof:

I ordered Yellow Cab last week. Unfortunately the vouchers were not accepted for this restaurant.
I ordered Yellow Cab last week. Unfortunately the vouchers were not accepted for this restaurant.

How could Food Panda be improved?

1. Vouchers should be accepted in all restaurants. They could be given as gifts, too!

2. More branches so that more restaurants can deliver to a wider location.

3. They should feed back 15 minutes after a customer has not received confirmation. I emailed them 30 minutes after placing my order because I did not receive any confirmation yet, but they were quick to reply.


Overall, it is a good service, so you should try it out as well.

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