I never imagined I would love being a mother. For the past five years, my life had been crazy happy, and all because of a little girl named Ariadne.

My little one all grown up.
My little one all grown up.

I love that we have so much time together, that we get to homeschool her. She’s now in Kinder and so far, she’s doing good.

The family loves having meals together, so whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner, we make sure to sit down and eat together.

I also love that I can sometimes bring her to work, so she gets to know the world she might be in in the future, if she chooses to.

She loves watching a concert, be it choral, symphonic, dance, or theatrical. She appreciates music, art, and dance so much.

Did I already mention we love to eat, a lot? We also love to prepare our own meals, too. And good thing these snacks came in our way.

We made some delicious pudding snacks using a new product launched by Milna Philippines last month. Easy to make, yummy to eat snacks for your little ones. This is our favourite mom and daughter moment–preparing food.

She loves that she calls me mommy. There is nothing sweeter that that, I believe. Someone depends on me, looks up to me, and loves me the simplest, purest way she knows. And she is my daughter, my own. Whose heart would not melt with that!

How do you #LoveMommyhood? Care to share? 


~ Touringkitty

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