Visiting Europe four times without worrying too much on airfare and accommodations was more like winning the lottery or a raffle. But this would not be possible, in my case, if it were not for the musical talent God gave me. And for that I am humbled, honored, privileged, and happy to share His music to more people.


Touringkitty is back as well!
Yes, dear TK readers, as I have posted in my IG and Facebook pages, I got a chance to travel Europe again, this time not with the Philippine Madrigal Singers, but through an invitation from a theater group from Bulacan. I get to sing AND do some acting and costumes this time, as we presented Pasyon scenes.

Reenactment of Pasyon is very popular in the Philippines every Holy Week. Some text from the Pasyong Mahal (another great Filipino tradition of recitation of this very long text in Holy Week) was set to beautiful music by Ato del Rosario. This comprised the main part of the trip, as we first presented this musical theater piece in the Prague Quadrennial of Design and Space on June 19. Succeeding performances saw us doing a concert style performance (sans movement and pure blocking only) in Vienna, Austria and Venice, Italy.

The first half of this year covered preparation for this trip. My weekends were always on field, literally, as we travel Bulacan for rehearsals only. Such a sacrifice for the invited performers, but was all good given the output performances which made some people cry, smile, sympathize, and reflect on the Passion of Christ.

Preparing for the trip also prepared me for the people I will be with away from our motherland for two weeks in June. I gained friends, old and new, and good musicians too. Friends who made the tour a lot lighter and happier.

Am excited to write about the rest of the trip, of course including the pasyal and pasalubong–two things loved by our families. Also did not forget to pass by one church at each stop and offer candles and prayers for my concerns and those of my family and friends. Will also give some tips for the first time Euro biyahero.

Meanwhile I must rest and recover immediately to do these. Hope to get on the articles asap.

Before I end, here’s one of my favourite photos of the tour and a quote I like to share:

Traveling: it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller. – Ibn Battuta
Travel pa more!
~ Touringkitty

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