Share your blessings, so that they will come back a hundredfold.


Yesterday, I shared the following status message in my Facebook account:

Today, I was fortunate to visit the baby who benefits from my excess frozen breastmilk–Baby S. One brave little girl. She’s a preemie, feeds through tube and bottle but only breastmilk is given to her. She’s made progress already, reaching 1.1kg from 0.95kg in two months!

I’m fortunate to have helped her with the two batches of milk stash I’ve given. I told the nurse who was feeding her that I’m really humbled to have helped her, and that I hope I could still save some milk for her. This while my supply is also dipping as my toddler doesn’t nurse as often as before. The nurse asked me if my baby was normal and if I was exclusively breastfeeding my own and I said yes to both. Now I realized all the sacrifices I had to do since pregnancy (despite the endless fretting) paid really really well!

As I was leaving the room, I can’t help but cry. Here I am stressing myself on the small problems about myself and the family while that little girl is fighting for her life. She’s fighting well, and with our prayers and help, she will continue experiencing the wonder of life.

Friends, please pray with me and if anyone has excess breastmilk let me know please! Every drop counts for baby S!

To the parents of Baby S, you’re doing a great job! Continue fighting with Baby S. Claim victory in God’s Name!

I may have provided for my own baby but I didn’t force myself to provide for others. I’m just lucky to have stored some intended for future use but might as well share some for someone in dire need. I didn’t ask for money, even milk bags, because I know they needed the money as well.

This post is not to brag about anything. I just want other moms to understand that’s it’s not our obligation to provide milk for others. Mind your OWN baby first. If there’s excess, thank the Lord for it. If you wholeheartedly want to donate, why not? But don’t obligate yourselves to donate.


I posted the super long message to just take off the heaviness that I felt yesterday. It was a bittersweet day spent with my darling toddler who ran around, ate a lot, took a long nap while waiting for me while I was having a derma treatment (fortunate are those who have silky smooth faces), ran again at Gymboree, and got her new shoes.

But before all of it, I spent a few good minutes with a stranger, a little girl who is trying her best to survive. It was hearbreaking. I fret on a lot of things but I know I shouldn’t because there are far more people struggling in the battle called life. Newborns like this little girl deserve far better than their situation now.

Life is good. Life is beautiful. Why not let others experience it?


~ Touringkitty


N.B.: I would like to give major props to the nurse who was feeding Baby S. When I went to visit, only the yaya and the nurse on duty was with baby and the nurse was feeding her through the bottle. Her dedication is truly laudable. And when she asked me if my baby came out normal, I said to myself, thank you, Lord! You kept your promise to me. I pray that this little baby will live long enough to experience what my daughter has been experiencing. Life is indeed good.

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