No, we’re not pregnant! But it just dawned me that I could have done a lot better with my first pregnancy and the first few months postnatal. I realized I could have traveled more, accomplished more. I could have even avoided postpartum depression which lasted many months!

Anyway, I just wished I was able to do the following with number one early on:

1. I can travel with baby in tow. And it’s much easier if she’s still a baby! Mobility will be your worst enemy I tell ya. I have not gone for a long trip lately only because my baby is malikot.

2. I will still breastfeed and never make it a hindrance to working, meeting friends, serving the church, and doing so much more. Not that I’m that lakwatsera, but I will act normal because breastfeeding is normal! The modern generation makes this impression that breastfeeding is a big challenge and that formula is the norm. Not true!

3. And in line with number two, I’ll master babywearing! Started this too late, and this could have saved my hands from De Quervain’s syndrome. And with babywearing, I can do anything!

4. Cupfeed! So I could have transitioned easily from breast to cup and skip bottle. Occasionally my daughter drinks from the bottle and I do hope we could skip it altogether soon.

5. I will still not use pacifier like I did with my daughter. This is to avoid nipple confusion.

6. I will go for baby-led weaning. Weaning means transition to solid foods. We were so afraid to give my daughter foods so we delayed weaning to seven months or even later. It’s usually common for second children to go for BLW mainly because the first-time parent is testing waters for her firstborn.

7. Will still co-sleep because it’s much easier for the family. Fathers usually benefit from this a lot because they sleep longer. Ask my husband!

8. Will never panic about spit-ups! It has unnecessarily sent us twice to the emergency room. Spit-ups are usual.

9. Will act normal. I realize the family was filled with so much panic, confusion, doubts that we all went frantic instead of happy that we have a baby at home. And will not believe pamahiins or voodoos still.

10. Shower our baby lots of love. That’s what they need. We don’t spoil newborns for carrying them the whole time. They bond with you more when you do it.

How about you moms, did you change anything with your parenting styles when number two came?

~ Touringkitty

6 Comments on Ten Things I’ll Do for Baby Number Two

  1. I would definitely be calmer if I have a second child. I’d also take advantage of their pre-mobililty months by taking them out a lot more.

    • You’re right, Rochelle. Taking out the kid nowadays is really tough. I just told my husband I can’t go out alone with my daughter, someone must be with us to carry my stuff.

      Thanks for dropping by. Nice blog you got there!

  2. Will try to babywear baby#2! With baby#1 so likot nowadays, I don’t know how will I manage with 2 kids. And breastfeed talaga! 🙂

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