Hello, WordPress, it’s been a while!

I have not blogged so much lately mainly because of work. Work means sending emails, following up, coordinating, making memos, typing in the good ol’ fashioned typewriter. But the best part of work: Watching FREE shows, attending (and singing for!) masterclasses (like the one of Arthur Espiritu!)

So to make up for the lack of post, I’ll just make a quick one, no pictures attached, and share with you my yummy treat I made today: SIOMAI!!!

I super love siomai. Anything siomai, actually. But this is the first time I tried making one. And wow my daughter LOVED it!

Here’s the recipe!

1/4 k ground pork

1/2 grated carrot

1 minced onion

1 egg for binding

salt and pepper to taste

1 pack of molo/wanton wrapper (we used the smallest size, we thought it won’t hold the filling but it did!)

water for sealing the wrapper

…and the magic ingredient… 1 MINCED PEAR!

You read it right, pear. And it adds sweetness and fruitiness to our siomai. Only because I wasn’t able to buy singkamas. Tee-hee!


How we did it:

1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl except water and molo wrapper.

2. Scoop small amounts that will fit in the wrapper and seal it with water, whatever shape you want it.

3. Steam for about 30 minutes. We have a 3-layer steamer at home so we also steam some veggies along with the siomai. We did Sweet Potato strips this morning! You can also use a pasta cooker or rice cooker, or still, a pot half-filled with water and a steamer or strainer.

4. Serve with toyomansi.

And that’s how I Siomai love for my family!


How about you, how do you show your love for the family?



~ Touringkitty

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