“Me, Ah–nee!”

In baby talk, it means “My name is Ariadne!”

And that little girl who only says “ungeee” and eeewww” and “owww” when she was barely two months now says a mouthful and more!

Yes. Our baby is now a toddler. 18 months. And we’re oh so happy and proud!

We’re still breastfeeding (yay!) and I’ve been juggling mommy duties and full-time work for almost two months already.

I have the kindest boss and workmates. I can go home for lunch and still pump milk and cuddle with the little one if she’s awake. And I work for four days a week only, so I got three days of weekend (except when concerts and projects are on weekends, though).

Just this week, two articles from Yahoo came out with a checklist on words a toddler should know. I tried listing down what Aria already knows at 18 months and here’s what we’ve got:


1. Mommy/Mama

2. Daddy/Papa

3. Nonna (for her Lola, my mom)

4. Tita (my sister)

5. Ate (our helper, and any other older girl she sees)

6. Ya/Kuya (any older boy she sees; before she can say this, she calls everyone Ate)

7. Lolo/Lola (my husband’s parents)


8. Eyes

9. Nose (she says it “Nos!”)

10. Ear

11. Hair

12. Chin

13. Lips

14. Teeth

15. Fingers

16. Hands

17. Toes

18. Bi-bu (belly button)

19. Dede (Mommy’s! When she wants milk she just pulls my shirt!)

20. Dodo (yes, that of Daddy’s!)

21. Feet

22. Knee (but she says Me!)

23. Elbow (and she says Elmo!)


24. Apple (all fruits are apple to her eyes! I’m amazed because she knows the difference between fruits and vegetables)

25. Puffs (her favorite snack – Happy Baby Puffs! Get yours from Ygo’s Organics–they’re cheaper than the ones in Healthy Options)

26. Mamam (water)

27. Milk

28. Eat (or namnam)

29. Elmo (the character of when she wants the cookies)


30. Kitty (Hello Kitty)

31. Jollibee

32. Hello (hawo!)

33. Babay!

34. Elmo

35. Bi-bo (Big Bird)

36. Baby Einstein

37. Car

38. Boat

38. Dog (she says Dug!)

39. Shoes

40. Socks

41. TV

42. Coming

43. Down/Sit down

44. Up

45. Sleep (with handsign)

46. More (with handsign)

47. Done (with handsign)

48. Watch

49. Ball

50. Inside

51. Jump

52. Slide (yes, Temple Run!)

53. Amen! (yes we pray, she tries to recite Angel of God and our morning prayer)

54. Play

55. You

56. Me

57. How

58. Sun

59. Star

60. Now

61. House

62. Toothbrush

63. Open

64. Close

She surprised us recently by reciting 1-10 and the alphabet! Complete with “Now I know my ABCs!” She sings the Do-Re-Mi and sings almost everything and on the right pitch. She memorized TV commercials, much like I did when I was four. And she anticipates, so much! She even mimics us, her parents, when we sing opera. She also sang Happy Birthday Aria last night as it was her 18th month birthday.

Warning: this is not a guide to measure your own children’s verbal ability. Unlike the Yahoo articles I mentioned which they say toddlers MUST know, these words are what my daughter knows, without sticking on the standards that they say. I saw JUICE in both articles, and since Aria hasn’t had juice yet, she doesn’t know the word. She’s eating the real fruit anyway!

I was also stressed when at one point I felt Aria was way behind her peers her age. Especially in walking. She’s quite delayed actually because we can’t still let go of her hand knowing how likot she is!

Different children have different learning curves and styles. It really depends on your child how he or she absorbs what you teach.

What I noticed is by repetition, Aria easily remembers things, even if she heard it long ago and maybe only once or twice. She retains information long-term that way. Her attention span is that of a goldfish and since she’s the explorative one, she wants to discover so much at one time, like playing her xylophone while driving her car. Pretty preoccupied I know. But that’s how she learns and that’s how we teach her.

And now that she officially turned into a toddler, more challenges await her. And us. We can’t wait.

How about you, moms, what are the challenges in teaching your toddler?

~ Touringkitty

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  1. Wow! Daming words! She’s really smart!
    10 months na si Rio this March and we’re still breastfeeding too. Yey! Ilang syllables pa lang nasasabi ni Rio pero we were very surprised last night when he said my name! Hehe.

    Hindi pala kami natuloy sa Pasinaya. Sayang 🙁

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