This is the side kwento of the Breastfeeding Dad post:

Dads, oh, dads. If you only knew what sacrifice it is for us moms to breastfeed.

Daddy, Baby, and I were happily eating lunch at a Japanese restaurant (my baby had Sukiyaki!). A family of three (Mom, Dad, Baby Girl) and another man (maybe he’s a brother of either of the couple) sat on the table beside us. The mom took out a nursing cover and I silently said, brava for breastfeeding!

But here’s the glitch. The bad, insensitive dad was raising his voice to her wife, telling her not to put too much spice on her food. Understandable, because probably they have a baby who’s sensitive to different tastes of breastmilk because of what the mom eats or had reflux. But to raise voice, nah!

Here’s another incident: the dad was rushing her wife to eat because he’s hungry! Why, isn’t her wife supposed to be fed because she’s feeding someone else? He kept on yakking while playing with the baby: “ay, kawawa naman si Daddy, gutom na gutom na, ang sarap pa naman ng pagkain, o?” Then to his wife: “bilisan mo na, gutom na ako!

I was able to talk with the poor girl who was now holding her baby when she stepped out of the restaurant after she ate. She really ate quick. Aria and I finished eating as well and were waiting for Daddy to settle the bill. I really would like to tell her how insensitive her husband was! But I held my tongue. I then found out the baby was exclusively breastfed for six months already and the baby has started solids and drinks water. She isn’t working and takes care full time of the baby. Another brava for you, mommy!

Her insensitive husband doesn’t know the word appreciate.

Man, it’s all hard work for the mom! I know you dads also work hard for the money. But you should also consider how hard work it is for us moms to take care of the baby. It IS a job, a career. Daddy-ing is ALSO a career!

So, to that Dad we saw, watch your words, especially when you’re in public. Save your nastiness when you’re at home.


~ Touringkitty

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  1. After reading this post, I am grateful to have a very supportive husband, my “breastfeeding partner”.

    And for that nasty Daddy, watch your words. Breastfeeding moms shouldn’t be treated that way.

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