If he could, he would.

My husband is a breastfeeding dad.

No, he doesn’t pop the boob to our daughter. He told me, if only he could, he would. But I’m proud to say that he is a breastfeeding dad in more ways than one.

My husband is my number one cheerleader. When he gives me that smile and that thumbs up when I breastfeed, I know he supports me. Especially on the first days and weeks, he’d prop up a pillow behind my aching back, massage me, give me water, burp the baby, carry her for an hour because of fear of reflux, change diapers in the wee hours of the evening. He’d gladly give into my requests, too — please turn off the TV or lower the volume (my baby means business when feeding haha), hand over the iPod, turn on the internet, get lampin for my sweaty baby, etc.

My husband is very careful with his words. I never heard him complain that the baby’s becoming too clingy when we breastfeed. Sure, my daughter has her moments when she wants me and only me, but I noticed that there are precious activities only she and Daddy can enjoy, like reading, tickling each other, talking gibberish, walking (with Daddy’s assistance), and strolling around the mall.

Also, I never heard him complain that he’s hungry already because he knew that I should eat first because I need the energy to feed someone else.

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He’d have side comments, like, maybe we should try toddler formula eventually (but I won’t, sorry!). Or during those early weeks when I feel really exhausted and wanted to give up, he’d tell me, we can always switch to formula. Nothing harsh.

My husband promotes breastfeeding in his own little way. He puts his two passions into good use: writing and breastfeeding. Through his blog and joining blog carnivals, he has promoted breastfeeding in his own little way. And he acknowledges the many good benefits of breastfeeding to me and my daughter (not to mention, his pocket!).

When I was pregnant up until now, we pray for a normal, healthy, happy, smart, strong, beautiful baby. And breastmilk gave us all of that and so much more. Seeing how Aria grows makes us really proud parents.

It has been 13 months of breastfeeding and we don’t plan to stop anytime soon. We enjoy this unique experience so much that we wish we could convince more pregnant couples to at least try breastfeeding. We tried. We had no idea we’d go this far. Thus, we are really grateful.

~ Touringkitty

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