I appreciate Book Sale more now that I have a child. I used to just browse for books and often end up with nothing. Now, every trip to Book Sale we go straight to where the board books are.

Yup, board books. We got a handful already, and we haven’t stopped buying. Yet. Especially when they come super cheap!

My recent discovery were these lovelies:

All in good condition! The CD is even included in Rhinoceros Tap!

What if I told you that these three cost less than a thousand pesos? Actually, less than three hundred pesos! Isn’t it great?

Now, you might ask, who is the author of these books? She is no Mother Goose or Dr. Seuss but I tell you, she’s amazing!

Friends, meet Sandra Boynton! I was surprised to find out she’s American because her humor sounds English. Check out her super funny website (scroll over her name and the link is there).

The first book we bought was But not the Hippopotamus, which my husband purchased from a book sale at their office. It talks about a hippo who doesn’t belong, but in the end, he was invited by all the other animals. Simple, really cutesy doodles of animals, easy to follow rhymes.

Meanwhile, the two other books I got from Book Sale store at our nearby mall.

The first I took notice of was the Rhinoceros Tap. I was surprised that it was from the same author, and that it has the CD inside, for only P140! Really a good buy because the book is in super good condition and not taken out from a library! We played the CD immediately upon getting home, and the little one danced to the original jazz tunes. Super like!

What I liked more about this book are the notation and chords found on the latter half of the book. Pictures and big words are on the first part. Sight readers that we are, we sang along while the CD is playing.

The last book, Snoozers, is for kids, just like ours, who has a hard time sleeping. So I read to her the melodious rhymes as she kept on running around our bed. So long as she hears the rhymes and sees me flapping the book, she sits down and listens.

I really appreciate also that Aria shows a love for books. She gets all her board books before snoozing either for a daytime nap or for bedtime. She isn’t eating them anymore unlike when she was just a few months old, but she kept on flapping them and blabbering as if she really can read.

What other books can you recommend? Share them here!

~ Touringkitty

5 Comments on Good Board Books Come Cheap!

  1. Em, i love Book Sale too!

    I love the Curious George Board Books. I find him cute kasi hehe. We have Goodnight Gorilla, The Runaway Bunny, Guess How Much I Love You are just a few. I also have one book from Sandra Boynton.. the Going to Bed Book 🙂

  2. I miss Book Sale! I’m so excited to go there but this time to buy books for Rio. I had great finds from book sale, hope to find treasures for our dear Rio too. Promise, I’ll get back to this post Em (oh, can I call you Em? :)), as soon as I find a good board book for the little boy.

  3. I just love book sales! But if the price is not right for me, then, I’ll have to go to the cheapest corners like National Bookstore’s 2nd hand novels. !00 pesos, hard bound na!

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