The moment I’ve been dreading has come: when Aria wants “nobody, nobody but me.”

In the past few days, she had crying bouts whenever she senses I’m not with her. Tears fall like Niagara, eyes turn as red as an apple, and screams like there is no tomorrow. I pity the little helpless one. But when she sees me, her eyes beam like sunshine, smiles the sweetest, and pulls my shirt to nurse. Pretty smart girl can not be fooled by any tricks.

It was easy during the past months when she can go on four hours without a feeding while I attend a church meeting. They just stay in the mall where she can busy herself with the view, or just sleep away.

But as she turned six months and now that she can eat solids, things changed. She wants to breastfeed more and often, aside from her increasing solid intake. She’s become too clingy, which is both good and bad. I can see she’s a very active girl who never holds still when we change her diapers, give her food and a bath. And she has a ready smile for everyone. Lovely, just lovely.

Yes, it’s heartbreaking. But this April, I shall be working part-time (I’ve calculated it, I’ll be gone for four hours a day – that includes travel time because actual teaching time is two hours only, three times a week for four weeks). We’ve been practicing so I can leave her with my mom and helper while I’m away. I leave her breastmilk and her food good for the time I’ll be away.

To be honest, I’m doing this for my sanity. I’ve been stuck at home for seven months already and I feel like my mind regressed a little. I am afraid to travel alone. Traveling for me is me AND baby.

Hard, right? If only I have an extra lactating boob that I can lend whoever will take care of my baby – that would be my mom and our helper on weekdays andy husband in the evening and weekends.

So for my mommy friends, what do you suggest that I do? Any opinion might help and would be greatly appreciated. I’ll present it to my mom, helper, and my husband before they give up taking care of Aria.

~ Touringkitty

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  1. I just weaned my youngest at 14 months. I remember days when I sooo wished I had an extra boob. My husband and I are both in school so I was a slave to my pump carrying it to all of my classes and pumping in the hallway between classes. Ha. For a while my youngest would only feed with me. It just took a few weeks before he would take a bottle. It might just be a time-thing.

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