It was a Sunny Saturday and we’re off to Starbucks Bonifacio Global City for a Babywearing Meet.

I encouraged my hubby to bring me there because we have a ring sling and we don’t know how to use it. So, even if it’s super out of our way and we don’t have a car, we took a cab and took that road less traveled.

Babywearing is using cloth or a similar material that you wrap around your body so mommies won’t have that hard a time carrying their babies. It’s a lifesaver indeed.

The meeting was organized by some members of the yahoogroup I belong to: Newlyweds At Work. It’s a group wherein “graduates” of wedding planning from the Weddings At Work group exchange newlywed stories, mommy stuff, and other chika.

I have the ring sling from Next 9. Bought this at SM Mall of Asia and this was the only print available:

Aria at three months. The saleslady really didn't know how to thread so we were really nervous. But she slept in there anyway.


But because of our lack of knowledge in using (and fear of using it), it ended up like this:

Whose idea? You guessed it right -- Nonna's 🙂

During the Babywear Meet, we were introduced to a bajillion types of slings and carriers and were taught how to use it. The most important with the ring sling is the threading:

We're doing it right this time, baby
Ms. Abbie trying to put the malikot girl in her sling. On the background is Ms. Benz, the brains behind W@W and N@W

Finally, after that hour and a half of demo and talk, I was babywearing Aria as we strolled Bonifacio High Street! She even slept while we’re browsing books at Fully Booked.

The sling is duyan no more!

The sling is a good alternative to strollers. Had I mastered using this, I would not have De Quervain’s anymore.

It was an enjoyable talk with the mommies and their babies. I really hope it would have a part two!

Happy Babywearing, everyone!

~ Touringkitty

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