Schatzinfinity: Ten years of marriage

Photo again by Pastor Binky in Calella, Spain. We had this idea to make an instant photoshoot in the woods while waiting for the opening program of the competitions.

#blessed is never cliche If I were to sum up the past ten years of being married to the love of my life, only one word comes to mind: GRATEFUL. That my husband and I are stronger together, and we’ve proven it to each other and to other people many times already. That we have… Continue reading Schatzinfinity: Ten years of marriage

#KoristaAko: Efraime Mallari

  After a yet another long hiatus, I am back to my blogging mojo! And what better way for a comeback is to post a new entry in my passion project, #KoristaAko. Our korista for this edition is quite an interesting ball of musical energy, and I got to meet him for the first time… Continue reading #KoristaAko: Efraime Mallari

#KoristaAko: Jacqui Jimenez

Hello, 2017! Our Korista profiles were in absentia because of the busy latter half of 2016 that was. But thank you to the 2,300+ koristas who joined the Facebook Group (do join us!) and the 130+ Facebook Page likers (like like like!). Now, we introduce another certified korista now based in the US. Plus, she… Continue reading #KoristaAko: Jacqui Jimenez

#KoristaAko: De Pano Sisters

Time flies when you’re having fun, indeed. First quarter of the year is ending, and since Holy Week came in a little early, March became a busy month for most koristas, especially those in the church ministry. We got to thank our church musicians for making our Holy Week more solemn, reflective, and meaningful with… Continue reading #KoristaAko: De Pano Sisters

#KoristaAko: Jhoan Ayos

Happy (Chinese) New Year! I know, I had backlogs for #KoristaAko. The last quarter of the year had always been busy, busy busy! But it was very musical, and I hope yours was, too. Now, on with my latest post! Last October, my husband and I (being part of the Philippine Choral Directors Association) were invited to attend… Continue reading #KoristaAko: Jhoan Ayos

#KoristaAko: Jimmy Chung

Welcome to another #KoristaAko post. Just to get things more fun, I have an exciting raffle at the end of this post, so read on. I still can’t figure out how adult colouring books came into mainstream here in our country. It was all of a sudden and your local bookstore shelves are filled with books… Continue reading #KoristaAko: Jimmy Chung

#KoristaAko: Mcoy Fundales

Welcome to another edition of #KoristaAko! This is a special edition, because we have a real star from a different side of the music spectrum–rock music. Yes, friends, you’ve read it right. No less than Mcoy Fundales of the Pinoy Ako/PBB/Orange and Lemons/Kenyo fame started as a korista. And just recently, he revisited his choral singing experience on… Continue reading #KoristaAko: Mcoy Fundales

#KoristaAko: Jennifer Lopez Gana

  Before we close Women’s Month, I give you our second serving of #KoristaAko, a superwo-mom herself and a certified Korista. Let’s all meet another Jenny from the block, Jennifer Lopez-Gana! Jennifer is a government employee of the Home Development Mutual Fund, more popularly known as the Pag-ibig Fund. They have their own choral group, the… Continue reading #KoristaAko: Jennifer Lopez Gana

#KoristaAko: Jon Philippe Go

Another project came into mind last month: To feature chorister profiles on the blog, with the goal of inspiring and encouraging aspiring singers and choristers. And so, #KoristaAko is born! In photo is my now Youth Choir, the Shrine of Jesus Children and Youth Choir, during the Madz et al performance last year. There’s just too… Continue reading #KoristaAko: Jon Philippe Go