Singing is second nature to Filipinos. Everywhere you go–whether at churches, schools, companies, or barangays, people can easily join in singing and carry a tune, which eventually turns into a beautiful harmony when done together.

A few decades ago, a woman had a vision of a Singing Philippines. What better way to promote unity and harmony than with music? And so, with this vision in mind, and through her leadership, numerous choral groups were born, mentored, nurtured, and making names for their own. And from these choirs, conductors were also born.

A great opportunity is presented to women conductors in collaboration with a multinational company, Diageo Philippines. As part of their community investment program, called Plan W, they have partnered with the Andrea O. Veneracion Singing Philippines Initiative to carry out the Plan W Sing Philippines Choral Leadership Program, which seeks to give intensive training to 35 Filipino women choral conductors.



The program highlights high-level training from the best choral conductors and music teachers in the country. The Program Director is Mark Anthony Carpio, choirmaster of the Philippine Madrigal Singers. Application is free, and the program includes free training, plus board and lodging for accepted provincial participants.

If you or anyone you know is interested to apply, download the application packet in this link:



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