“Wala akong gatas, eh.”

“Naubusan na ako ng gatas.”

“Masakit magpadede.”

“Gusto ko na magtrabaho ulit.”

These are just four of the most common things I’ve heard (and said so myself) about breastfeeding.

Unfortunately, these phrases can make or break breastfeeding success.

Breastfeeding in the Philippines infographic


One mom had a vision: to educate and empower mothers to breastfeed in the most accessible platform nowadays: the internet. And why would she not, with her experience as former country editor of Yahoo Philippines, spreading the news online is easier, and can reach a wide audience.

Thus, Go Breastfeed was born.

Cute logo, right?
Cute logo, right?

“I believe that no parent who completely understands the power of breastfeeding would choose any other way to nourish a child,” says Kate Delos Reyes, creator of Go Breastfeed.

Kate is a trained breastfeeding counselor and my batchmate at LATCH. Her experience as a breastfeeding mom of a two year old and her online expertise is much utilized in Go Breastfeed.

“We want Go Breastfeed to be a platform for breastfeeding advocates to reach more parents online,” she said, noting that the website aims to amplify the efforts of these groups, not to duplicate them.

The website is a one-stop site for breastfeeding concerns. New parents can immediately visit the CRASH COURSE tab for their first breastfeeding course. Read and exchange stories in their Breastfeeding Diaries and Forum sections.

Kate aims to make classes accessible by producing online training materials to make classes cost-free. The website is a good start to gather the attention of most people to support and protect breastfeeding.

To support Go Breastfeed, especially their efforts at making breastfeeding classes available to everyone, please click here. (http://igg.me/at/gobreastfeed).


~ Touringkitty

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