Think of Andres Bonifacio and you will surely remember the heroic guy clad in white shirt and red pants, holding a bolo in the Monumento.

But here comes San Andres B. Bukid? Nay, I say. It is Bonifacio.

This is definitely not your typical Bonifacio story.

San Andres B is a new opera with libretto by National Artist for Literature Virgilio Almario, with music by Josefino Chino Toledo, one of the foremost 21st century Filipino composers. Amazing work of art, text and music beautifully woven together.

Stage direction is by Floy Quintos and choreography by Kris-Belle Paclibar-Mamagun. Both of them have been working closely with us for the past two months and we are amazed by their virtuosity, creativity, and humour. Yes, they’re happy folks, too!

So, why is this not your usual Bonifacio story?

There will be less sword fights, but more thinking, both from the actors and from the audience. The libretto and music was indeed a challenge for all of us, given that this is an untried and untested work. We are so proud of what we have done out of the material. And we would love to show it to all of you!

You will discover more of Bonifacio as a responsible brother, protective husband, caring leader, truly deserving to be called Supremo.

Cast includes Dondi Ong, Margarita Roco, Antonio Ferrer, Marvin Gayramon, plus the Auit Chamber Ensemble, TP Actors Company, and Grupo 20/21.

Interested? Get tickets now through Ticketworld or CCP Box Office. We guarantee you to have a renewed sense of freedom and social responsibility after you see this show. And I am pretty sure you will thank our heroes like Bonifacio for that.


~ Touringkitty


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