I have been sort of homeschooling my little one for some months now. Though not yet as structured as I wanted it to be, at least we’re starting somewhere.

Recently, we got these new educational toys that will surely help our homeschool routine:


I got the Color Popsicles from the All Saints Day party organized by ROCKERS Philippines, a homeschool group on Facebook which I am part of. Tina of Truly Rich Mom¬†organized this rockin’ party (which I have not shared on my social media sites yet!). Aria won this during the raffle (among other fun stuff from other games!).

Meanwhile, the Stickies I received from Martine aka Dainty Mom. Thanks, Martine!

T-Mato is a new and innovative product made by teachers themselves who are sensitive to the needs of every child. Something to be proud of is that these are all Filipino-made, right in the heart of the City of Smiles, Bacolod City!

I also like that they are wrapped in an eco pouch and that there are instructions for using and safekeeping in the bag.

Here’s how we’ve been using it so far:


Aria and her wet hair look! Did homeschool right after her morning batch. Here she is matching colors.


And eating them afterwards!

Meanwhile, here’s what she did for Stickies:


Identifying and Reading lesson: Shapes


Building shapes. These are made of painted popsicle sticks and velcro. Pretty clever, huh? Simple materials do make the most sense when it comes to playing and teaching!


She asked me to make other shapes not in the cue cards as well, like this silly heart,


And this silly house!

The possibilities are endless with these toys! I just browsed their Facebook Page and I would like to purchase some more, especially the Chinese Jackstone which I enjoyed as a kid!

Here’s to more homeschool fun for you and your kids.

~ Touringkitty

P.S. Interested? Browse their products through their Facebook Page. Just send them an email at teachermadetoys@gmail.com to order.

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