I am trying to discover my love for cooking. Well, here’s a sample.

Sharing my Lentil Stew Recipe:

You will need:

Canola oil
Chicken pieces, about half of chicken
Salt to taste
Easy cook Lentils
Frozen Diced Carrots
Tomato sauce, small sachet

You’ll also need Good Approximation Skills (notice there aren’t measurements?). I never measured! Well, maybe the first time, but when I repeat a dish I never measure anymore!

Here’s what you’ll do:

1. Saute garlic and onion in oil.
2. Add chicken. Let it brown.
3. Put salt then water. Simmer chicken until tender.
4. Add in lentils and carrots then the tomato sauce. Let them all cook.
5. Your lentil stew is done!

Here’s my personal notes about this recipe:

1. My 11 month old daughter eats this so I separate an unsalted portion for her (though I must admit, sometimes I forget, but am aware that I should put minimal salt!).

2. I let the pot boil long to make sure all ingredients are well cooked (and so that I can do other things at home!).

3. I like the chicken browned at the beginning. And to make it less sinful, we had the skin and slimy fat removed upon buying. Healthyummy!

4. I use half a pack of lentils and this recipe is good for 4-6 people.

How about you? Anything cooking from your kitchen lately?

~ Touringkitty

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