6 August 2011

Dear Papa,

Happy Birthday!

It has been nine years since I last saw you. The last day I saw you was probably my happiest, and yours, too. Little did I know that you’d be gone two days after our last meeting, and on your birthday! You really made sure we won’t forget you.

I would have loved to introduce you to your beautiful granddaughter, Ariadne. She’s very smart and very amiable. You would have loved each other. You will surely shower her with much love like you did to us. You should have met my husband, Ton, too. You’d probably have a lot of things to talk about.

Your life may be short, but sweet it was, indeed. You made sure you’ve created enough memories for Mommy, me and Myk to cherish.

I miss you. I know I’ll see you again someday. We love you very much. Please continue guiding us, as you always did.

Your Tres Marias,

Luz, Mary Louise, Myra Lyn

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