Everything seems easy for babies. They cry when they want something — food, diaper change, nap, change of scenery, when they feel hot or cold, among other things.

But really, is it easy to be a baby? I don’t think it is.

And it’s precisely what I have observed with my eleven month old. Life isn’t easy.

Of course, babies have to practice and learn a gazillion skills to be bonafide “persons” in this world. They learn how to stretch their bodies (from being enclosed in a capsule that is the female tummy), roll over, crawl, sit, stand, walk, talk, cry, make funny sounds, make gestures like waving and clapping. Then after six months, solid food is introduced and you choose from a short list of possible first food for baby. They grew body parts, still, like their teeth.

The rest, as they say, is history. But the sweetest achievement for any baby, especially for the parents, is the first 365 days of life.

I didn’t pay much attention to celebrating Aria’s first birthday back then. I thought it’s not important because she won’t remember it anyway. Bur for a motherhood neophyte/drama queen like me, the past year was hard work, sacrifice, and glorious victories that I felt I needed to celebrate, in a frugal but memorable manner.

There’s McDonald’s and their themed parties. We chose Mickey Mouse Clubhouse since the kiddo never missed a beat when she hears the Hotdog Dance. Add a handful of family and friends, party food, some photobooth fun and voila, a sorta kiddie party for our Aria!

Will update you how the party goes, which is about a month from now. I’m super excited and thankful that our family will be celebrating this important event, especially that our little girl is growing more and more beautiful, smart, and cheerful. And we’re proud to be parents of this wonderful creation.

~ Touringkitty

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