Today, I prayed for four fathers who mean the world to me. And here’s my quick thank you notes for them.

To my Papa. Thank you for giving us life. Yours was short but sweet, and we treasure each moment spent with you. We remember you as a good provider, good cook, ever supportive of our school programs, homeworks, piano recitals. We miss you everyday and we love you forever. You have a very beautiful and smart granddaughter and I know you’d be proud of her, too. I know you’re proud of me and my sister.

To my Lolo. Thank you for being my number one fan and for sharing my passion in classical music. I took it from you. Thank you most especially for walking me down the aisle with Mama. I remembered how I prayed hard when you were hospitalized a couple of weeks before my wedding day, because I so wanted you to witness and be with me in that most special day in my life. I’m happy that you and Lola are living happy and healthy, and I pray that God will give you the best of years to come.

To my Mama. Thank you for being mother and father to us. You are amazing because you never fail to acknowledge that God is helping you and Papa is guiding you. Thank you for supporting everything we are doing, even now that we’re both grown up. I know how much you love me and my sister, and how much more you love my daughter. I realized I can never be like you only because you’re one of a kind, but be assured that I’m doing my best to be the best mom for our little princess.

To my husband, my better half. I’d look back at our earlier years as friends more than ten years ago, and I can’t still believe you’d be the father of my child. Thank you for being a super dad to me and the little one. You’re doing a good job so keep it up. I pray that we would live long to see our children’s children.

And to all fathers, fathers-in-law (mine included), those bridging the gap, mother and father in one, and our Spiritual Fathers, Happy Fathers’ Day.


~ Touringkitty