Today, our firstborn is five years old.

No, it’s not Aria, of course, but the Shrine of Jesus Children’s Choir.

Five summers ago, we formed the choir to serve in the Third Sunday Mass of the Shrine of Jesus. From ten kids, they tripled in number in the following year. Members came and left, but we maintained an average of 25 members. Now we have about 35.

I will never forget their first service – because I wasn’t there to witness it! I was in the middle of a European Tour and so my then boyfriend and now my dear husband took over rehearsals and Mass services. It was a Fathers’ Day as well so indeed, my husband is the “father” of these kids. The rest is history, as they say.

This choir is our pet project and we’re proud of what we have achieved. Participation in concerts, choral festivals, even wedding engagements and TV guesting have made these kids (and their parents) busy. Sundays are spent at church for rehearsals (and the mall afterwards).

We’re super blessed with all the people who helped, supported, and cheered for us all these years. To the parents, families, Shrine family and our dear Shrine Rector, the Shrine Office and Sacristans and the ever faithful Mang Barry, thank you so much. We’re also blessed with all the members we had. You’ve been part of our journey and we wish to be singing with you again soon.

And we’re blessed to have performed in big concert stages and TV. It is a privilege to have sung with great performers on the Cultural Center of the Philippines Main Theater and Philamlife Theater. We were starstruck with Sam Milby and Angel Locsin in “Only You.” We also thank the two couples who trusted us to serenade them in their special day.

I am happy how we’ve instilled the value of church service this early to these kids. Most of all, I am proud that they get to appreciate music making and strive to better musicians every rehearsal.  The stories they share to their own homes and to their friends are enough consolation to us, their conductors.

Happy Anniversary, SOJCC!


~ Touringkitty

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