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With all the stresses I’ve been experiencing the past weeks — daily Aria rituals (cooking and preparing her food, bathing her, playing with her, putting her to those precious and hard-to-achieve naps and bedtime), pumping milk thrice a week, part-time work in and out of home, et cetera, I deserve a good laugh trip.

Unfortunately, it had to be Aria, who else.

During the course of my eight-month breastfeeding experience (and we are not stopping anytime soon!), I have curiously taken note of how my daughter nursed. She’s nursed in different positions, occasions, schedules, and places.

I listed Aria’s ten habits while breastfeeding (in no particular order). Let some of the pictures tell the story.

Oh, and before I forget, Happy Mothers’ Day to all the mothers. Yey, mommies truly rock!

1. She nurses while she’s crying, as if she hasn’t nursed for a really looooong time (even if it was really just five minutes ago!) She talks (or mumbles) while she breastfeeds. This baby is amazingly talkative. And she has been squealing a lot lately. Add to that, she’s teething (she’s got two teeth on her lower gumline already) so imagine how she talks while she feeds. Ouch!

2. She listens to whoever is talking while she nurses. Or to whatever new sound she might hear — a new voice, utensils falling, door banging, car horns, sirens, helicopters. Did I tell you she’s very “chismosa?”

3. She nurses on her tummy, especially when she has a hard time to sleep.

Her newest trick

4. She jumps out of my breast to watch TV, especially when she hears the closing credits music (yes, CLOSING CREDITS MUSIC) of her favorite cartoons – Little Einsteins, Angelina Ballerina, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She loves and laughs while watching the scrolling text that goes with the music.

5. She loves to scratches whatever is at hand, like my breasts, her other arm, or my underarm.

She loves scratching my underarm

6. She raises her hand like Hitler. I can’t understand why.

7. She would nurse for a few minutes and jump off me onto the bed because she’s about to sleep.

8. Or she would nurse for up to one and a half hour while we’re both napping, and when she senses that I opened my eyes, she would, too.

9. She holds her feet way up high.

10. She looks at me as if she’s saying, “Thank you, Mommy, for the sweet yummy milk.”

And smile after she’s content with the milk she just drank.

Oh, how I love my little Energizer Bunny. Hope you also have a yummy milky breastfeeding experience.

My hubby joined the carnival, too! I’m super proud. He’s the only daddy who joined 🙂


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17 Comments on Aria’s Habits While Breastfeeding

  1. hahaha… honga, why do babies do that Hei Hitler thing 😀 then again, better that than ctually hitting my face, pulling my hair. etc

  2. my baby is chismosa too! when she hears something she’ll stop nursing talaga and look for the sound! babies do funny things while feeding. sometimes. my baby will just laugh while breastfeeding, apparently, my hair makes her laugh. Haha..

  3. HELLO!!

    When I saw the name of your blog at Chronicles of a Nursing Mom wall post – Soprano Mom, and the name Aria, it reminded me of a mom and daughter I encountered at SM MOA breastfeeding station. Though I weren’t able to get their names, I remember our “music” and “chorale” themed conversation.

    As it turns out, they were the same people. Kayo pala yun!! Heheheh.. Nice bumping into you online! Great post! Happy Mother’s day!

    • Hi jean!

      Haha what a way for us to meet again! Well, see you again soon, wherever!

      By the way, I don’t go to the breastfeeding station anymore. Now that she eats solids a lot, she can hold her urge to nurse but if not, I let her nurse wherever we are!

  4. I love the last picture of your baby. My daughter also loves to nurse on her tummy – I always tell my mom that she looks like a little puppy when she does that. Kids are cute that way, aren’t they?

    • took me weeks to get that shot! everytime she smiles after nursing, she smiles her sweetest. and unfortunately, i’m not ready to take her picture always

  5. I love your baby girl, haha! Sounds EXACTLY like my Vito, and I’ve been nursing 18 months! He also does this hand-waving thing when he nurses, and also stops abruptly when he hears something from the television (if I’m watching TV while breastfeeding).

    #7 to 10 happen to me and my son, too! Haha! Lately, he’s become fascinated with a mole on the side of my back, which he pokes whenever he’s nursing. Since he’s big now, he nurses sitting on my lap! My favorite part is when he looks at me, like you said, as if to say “I love you, thank you for giving me milk.”

    • there are days that i sometimes get impatient with her because she’s super likot lately. there was one day when i thought she didn’t want to nurse because she’d only stay for five minutes then play again, then nurse again after five minutes. i was like her mini-vendo machine. good thing i’m with her 24/7. and i found out she’s teething pala kasi that time.

      18 months is really a great achievement! we’re eight months and still going strong 🙂

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