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It took me a good ten seconds to answer this blank in a health care form:

Occupation: ___________

Before I gave birth, I was singer, teacher, conductor, writer, choral arranger. In musician lingo, it’s called “harangista.” I’ve traveled everywhere to sing and perform. But six months ago, I was nowhere to be found.

Occupation: HOUSEWIFE

I can’t believe my hands wrote those letters! I became a housewife without my knowledge!

But I never regretted it. It’s been six months of breastfeeding my little angel who is my new boss. She literally turned my world upside down. Touringkitty is now a Soprano Mom!

From Paris to Pinas: Touring then, nursing now

After my final tour with a world-renowned choral group, half of the batch went different ways. Some went abroad, and the sopranos got married and had kids. I got married a year after the group won a choral competition in Italy. Got pregnant a year after marriage and now…

Her Royal Highness Ariadne, with the proud parents

My new stage is our home, specifically our room. Gowns were traded for dasters or shirt and shorts. Hair is tied in a one-hand pony instead of a neat salon ‘do. Wiegenlied and nursery rhymes were sung instead of Operatic arias to rock baby to sleep. Spotlight is on this beautiful little girl crying for milk. And smiling and sleeping beautifully when she’s full and satiated.

Breastfeeding for us is new. I’m the only one in our family who pursued pure and direct breastfeeding. My sister and I were formula-fed. So were my cousins. No one persevered. I am very fortunate that I made this choice and I know my family is proud of me.

Why breastfeed? It’s economical. Formula milk is very expensive. Why direct breastfeeding? It’s practical. No bottles to wash and sterilize, no effort in preparing, no extra minutes of crying. I’ve nothing against formula feeding, but I encourage all mothers and would-be mothers I meet to try it. They might have different reasons to stop or doubt. At least I did my part to encourage them, and I believe it is the key to kick off breastfeeding.

We breastfeed everywhere — at church, in the cab, in restaurants, while I’m in a meeting or choir rehearsal. With my active baby I don’t use nursing covers anymore because she would fuss inside. I just wear a shirt which I can pull up and a tube top underneath and jacket to cover us. I also cheat naptime and bedtime by breastfeeding instead of rocking baby to sleep. I’m both milk machine and pacifier!

We nurse for all reasons

I know my friends would tell me, “why don’t you just wean so you could go back to singing again?” Not this time, dearies, I’m still enjoying, so does my baby. Pretty soon, she’d walk and talk, and we’ll both treasure this bond we’ve created.

If there’s any consolation, she’s now a healthy six month old girl who goes with me wherever I go. She joins me for rehearsals and meetings, and when we need to nurse, people don’t mind.

My singing career did take a back seat already, until when I don’t know, but who cares? I’ve probably reached the peak of my career — now as Soprano Nursing Mom.

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17 Comments on Breastfeeding and My Career

  1. OMG, you were part of MADZ? WOW! I’m sure your daughter enjoys your lullabies.

    I thought I was the only one who had the guts to breastfeed in Church. Glad to know that I’m not the only one 🙂

    • actually did it during choir rehearsals. can’t believe i’ve done it in front of our rector, though, and the other officers of the organizations while we had dinner in a restaurant, teehee! was far away naman from our rector and facing away from everyone 🙂

  2. the best part about nursing is that babies are so portable – no need to lug all those heavy gear – and i can imagine that this is such a benefit to you!! who knows, you’ll be bringing your baby in another concert in Paris next! 😉

  3. I think it is SO COOL how you became “housewife” from “touring soprano.” 🙂 Your Ariadne will totally appreciate all that you are giving her at this time, and I do encourage you to BF even beyond 1 year! 🙂 Congrats to you for all you’ve done to give her the BEST! 🙂

    P.S. I absolutely LOVE the Madrigal Singers! Ever since a group of them went over to Brunei waaayy back when I was still a tween and did a concert there. Made me want to go to UP even more! 🙂 I auditioned for the UP Manila Chorale when I was a freshman and even got in! But rehearsal schedules were a bit too daunting for me! hehe.

  4. The music of your heartbeat as you breastfeed will always be a lovelier song for your child… and way too soon, she will be up and running and you’d have to employ your voice again. This is really a privilege for both you and her. 🙂

  5. I love it too when Berry goes to “work” with me! Judging from your record, I am sure you will ease back into singing when the right time comes for both you and your little one. How lucky she has a mom who will do an exclusive concert for her! I can just imagine the sort of lullabys she listens too! =)

  6. kudos to you for standing you ground in taking a breather from your job and deciding to bewith your daughter 24/7! 🙂 Not all moms are as lucky as you are 🙂 mommyhood really changes us and molds us into a better version of ourselves!

  7. Some people or moms who tell us to wean our baby because of this or that really doesn’t have a proper information on breastfeeding. I love breastfeeding my daughter, I don’t care if i’m a human pacifier, I love every minute of it! And I also love that breastfeeding is free. Formula are expensive talaga.. breastmilk is free, best for baby, at nakakatipid pa tayo! LOL

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