Dearest Ayo,

Happy 26th Birthday! We remember you on this special day. Mommy still always talks about you. How we all wished you stayed with us longer but God has a perfect plan for you — to be our eternal angel.

Papa and Mommy prayed for a baby boy and it was you. But we never got to hold you. Mommy took care of you in her womb for seven months but you left so soon. Mommy misses you. She always prays for you. You should have met your younger sister. You’re the Kuya she never had.

You’ll always be our baby boy. And in heaven you’ve found goos company with God’s angels. I’m sure you and Papa are happily watching over us. Please continue to guide us especially our newest baby girl. I think you’re always playing with your niece because she’s such a happy and smart baby.

We love you!

– Mommy Luz, Ate Em, Bunso Myk

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