Dear Schatzidaddy,

Happy Second Anniversary! Since I wasn’t able to buy you a card, let this post tell you how happy I am today.

This day, two years ago, we woke up early and got married. This day, last year, we woke up early again (should I say, we did not sleep) to catch an early morning flight to Hong Kong. Today, we woke up a few times during the night and early morning, this time to change diapers and feed the little one.

Time flew so fast.

I am happy because I wake up each day seeing you and Aria. Though the past two months gave us sleepless nights, droopy eyes, and aching bodies, it also gave us loads of patience and sacrifice. We are newbies in this career. And we have to admit, nothing beats the reward Aria gives us – that toothless but charming smile.

I am happy because you have been a good provider. I know how hard it is for you now that I assume the role of a full-time mom. We are just so blessed because God never left our side. Let’s just keep trusting His ways.

I am happy because you love your family and mine. You also never fail to share what you have and know to other people. Soon, our daughter will make music with us, or probably she will be your uke. I know you can’t wait for that to happen.

It has been a good two years so far. We’ve traveled, sang, laughed together. Now we work together to become good parents to our firstborn.

I shall never cease to praise and thank Him for this gift of marriage and family. I love you and Aria very much. You both inspire me to be a better wife and mother.


Schatzisupermommy 🙂

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