Wow, I can’t believe it. We actually “dated” again after two months!

Except, of course, there’s someone who wanted to join in.

Yup, she will be with Mommy all the time

So off we went to eat buffet at Dad’s Glorietta a day after our wedding anniversary. We heard mass the night before at the church where we got married. Since we don’t have a “yaya,” we need to plan on how to eat buffet while taking care of the little one.

I gave Aria full feeding before leaving home, just to be sure she won’t ask for food while we were eating. My husband and I took turns on getting food and looking after the baby, who was just sitting in her stroller after a nap while in the cab.

This was his only reason for eating here
We can never eat at the same time while at home. Now is our one chance to do so

She did ask for food, however, when we were finished eating (good girl!). Of course, I came prepared.

We nurse everywhere - even in the cab

It was also our first time to use the changing station to change her diaper. My, I never imagined I’d use one!

Then it’s off to the baby section to buy her some clothes. She is getting bigger, so we needed to update her wardrobe. And yes, we nursed again after shopping! The mall’s breastfeeding station is located at the fourth floor, so, the salesladies gladly offered us a small corner and a chair because Aria was crying for food already.

It was a tiring but fun day for the Schatzifamily. And this anniversary is extra special because we have our little angel, Aria, to celebrate it with us. Here’s to more anniversaries!


– Touringkitty

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