Have you said a simple “how are you?” to anyone lately?

Such powerful words. One of the things I taught my daughter is to ask a person how he or she has been after not seeing them for quite some time. Or upon meeting an acquaintance for the first time. I get kilig when she asks me that on the phone when I am away. I am excited, meanwhile, to hear her stories as I get home and ask how her day had been. 

My friends would know it. I would send a random hi or hello or how are you via text or Facebook, and the conversation sparks up as if we just last met yesterday. I am also blessed to have a few friends checking on me, whether there is an occasion or not. These few but true friends are the ones who matter. I am glad I have them in my life. 

That’s why my husband and I have been trying to catch up with people dear to us. We hope to do more of it soon. 

The other day, a dear friend from my preschool days sent over this article. It struck me how we have been friends for life despite the academic rivalry. The distance is not a problem, we might have probably been conversing/interacting on Facebook more than my friends who are just here in the country. So, thanks, G, for the friendship we both treasure so much. 

I ask you, dear reader: Kumusta ka? How are you? Wie geht’s? Como estas? Come stai?

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  1. I norice that a lot of people are making the mistake of saying kamusta ka instead of kumusta ka. This could be acceptable when spoken although it is gramatically wrong but not when it is written. Still the word is kumusta not kamusta.

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