As I combed my Simba-like hair after my skincare routine, I saw a long strand of white hair. Make that sparkling silver. It was so sparkly, complete standout from my jet black messy wavy hair.

As a child, I earn a few coins by plucking out white hair from Papa’s head. What’s even funnier is I use two coins to pluck the tiny ones out. On the contrary, I was told not to pluck out white hair should I get one already, cos this would cause more white hair to grow.

And so the day came. I was checking out that strand, pondering about this childhood memory, and without thinking twice, plucked it out.

Questions flood my already busy brain: Was I not afraid to have more white hair? Do I want to hide the white hair with hair color? How many more could be there already?

But the one million dollar question was: Am I not afraid to get old?

Yep, life has gotten into the equation. And for now, it’s simply a matter of accepting that in less than two months, I turn 40.

Wait, was it just yesterday that I turned 30? Oh well, I definitely enjoyed this decade! This had more travels, performances, and a variety of performance and teaching opportunities, even when I had my family already, compared to when I was in my 20s.

I’ve always wondered how I’d look and be like at 40. Well, who knows and who cares, anyway! All I know is that I am happy and content more now than five years ago and ten years ago, where I met bullies in the workplace. But, no regrets! I learned a lot–one is to avoid being with people like them.

White hair is definitely a symbol of wisdom. And there is wisdom to aging, experiences, and learnings. Always.

~ Touringkitty (back to rambling on the blog!)

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