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Welcome to #KoristaAko! Where we feature ordinary people whose lives are made musically extraordinary by singing in a choir.

There’s nothing more fun than singing together, especially in a choir. #KoristaAko aims to encourage more people to experience the same musical high by joining a choral group at any point in their lives. Whether it’s a children’s choir or a senior’s choir, equal voices or mixed choir, church or company choir, vocal ensemble or chamber chorus, it’s definitely more fun singing in a choir!

Click the banner logo above or this link and take a peek at each of our featured Korista’s lives.

Are you a certified Korista and you want to be featured here? Message me on my Facebook Page or shoot me an email. Looking forward to read and share your chorister stories!

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Unleash the chorister in you!


~ Touringkitty

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  1. I love this concept, Ate Em! Steeped in choral music ang Filipinos. I’m sure this will soon be flooded with “korista” profiles! 😀 Kudos!

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