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Consummatum est: Weaned from the breast

I really cannot think of any good title for this post. I just had to post this anyway: Aria is FULLY WEANED from the breast. From MY breasts, which nourished her with my own milk from Day One.

No more breastfeeding, no more asking for “dede” to be able to sleep. Not even for comfort. Not even for…nothing. Hugs work. Blankets work. Dolls work. That’s enough for her.

I actually thought she’d wean after that two-week Europe trip I had in the middle of last year. Or even that overnight trip to Balesin last month. But she didn’t.

It has been close to two weeks of no nursing at all, no asking for “dede” to sleep. After our nightly prayers, she would just wrap herself in a blanket to sleep, then mightily proclaim that she will sleep by herself because she is a big girl.


She IS big. We have to pay for her train fare already. No more free buffet for her either. Kid's Rates already apply.
She IS big. We have to pay for her train fare already. No more free buffet for her either. Kid’s Rates already apply.

Let’s count this exactly: Five years, five and a half months. From someone who had doubts in the early days, who was almost persuaded to give formula (to which I never gave in), whose original goal was just six months, it was more than what I prayed for.

Breastfeeding is an investment. Aside from not buying formula and bottles anymore, we had lesser hospital trips, and reduced risk for certain types of cancers. Not only my daughter, but for me as well. Plus the countless other positive benefits for the whole family. Even for Daddy, who always had a good sound sleep in the night.

What happens next? Baby number two so I could breastfeed again? That’ll come, Sa Tamang Panahon.

That’s why I am ever so happy to see MORE breastfeeding families nowadays, and actively promoting it through the organisations that I am part of — LATCH and Our Lady of La Leche Movement.

It is true, a mom could be emotional when weaning time comes. For some, they choose to force wean, for some reasons. But I let this one come naturally, on her own. And all I feel is bittersweet.

I am praying and will continue to support all families who choose breastfeeding. Trust me, it’s the BEST and ONLY choice you’d want for your children.


~ Touringkitty

Thanksgiving Mass in honor of Our Lady of La Leche on August 30

UPDATED POST: Updated schedules on the event day

Through our breastfeeding journey, I was blessed to meet new people and learned a lot of things. One of which is the devotion to Our Lady of La Leche (Nuestra Senora de la leche y buen parto-Our Lady of Milk and good birth), patroness of mothers and mothers-to-be.

And an even greater blessing is that an image of Our Lady is enshrined in our church, Shrine of Jesus. The image is located on the right side of the church, below the projector. If I remember it right, this was enshrined even before I got married, perhaps back in 2007. Who would have thought that this image will be instrumental in my life as a breastfeeding mother and servant of the church.

Yesterday after mass, my daughter and I prayed for the four years of breastfeeding!
Yesterday after mass, my daughter and I prayed in thanksgiving for the four years of breastfeeding!

There is another image in the chapel in our nearby mall, Harrison Plaza, and that’s where the yearly Masses in Her honor is celebrated every October 11, her Feast Day. Through a friend and fellow LATCHer Bianca Gutierrez, there I learned about the Our Lady of La Leche Movement, which propagates the devotion to Our Lady. The movement is led by Remedios Ticson-Gonzales (read a story about how it started here).

As I mentioned in a previous post, there will be a Thanksgiving Mass in honor of Our Lady of La Leche on August 30 at Our Lady of Fatima Parish Church in Mandaluyong, as Breastfeeding Awareness Month comes to a close. Here are the activities:

August 17-31: Our Lady of La Leche exhibit, showcasing the various beautiful images of Mother Mary nursing her Baby Jesus

August 30, Saturday at 8:00 AM, there will be a Thanksgiving Mass, with a special blessing for mothers who are pregnant, nursing and trying to conceive. This will be immediately followed by a talk on Breastfeeding Success, and a Medical Mission for pregnant mothers and babies 2 years old and below. The first 150 patients will be seen.

On August 12 at 9:00 AM, tune in to “Pinagpalang Bayan ng Diyos” on DWAD 1098am. Bianca Gutierrez and Em Alcantara will be discussing how Our Lady of La Leche has helped them through their breasfeeding journey.

The church is Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Mariveles Street, Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City. Here’s a map to the church. It’s near MRT Shaw. Click on the photo to go to Google Maps.

Our Lady of Fatima Church, Mandaluyong

For more information, please visit http://ourladyoflaleche.tripod.com/mdevote.htm, or send a message through www.facebook.com/lalecheph

~ Touringkitty