#KoristaAko: Efraime Mallari

  After a yet another long hiatus, I am back to my blogging mojo! And what better way for a comeback is to post a new entry in my passion project, #KoristaAko. Our korista for this edition is quite an interesting ball of musical energy, and I got to meet him for the first time… Continue reading #KoristaAko: Efraime Mallari

#KoristaAko: Kristian Misa

Catching up before the first half of the year ends with blogposts so long overdue! Here is our next featured korista, a nurse based in New Zealand, and a co-actor/singer in one of the CCP productions I was part of, San Andres B. Choral singing does attract Filipino koristas even when overseas. Kristian is one… Continue reading #KoristaAko: Kristian Misa

#KoristaAko: Jay and Aui Tamayo

Hi, Koristas! Love is in the air, and (sometimes) in some choral groups. I believe this is because love songs in choral settings give more kilig, right? My husband and I have our own story to share, but I will share that another time. We started from being mere strangers singing in a choir to being partners for life. Yes, I thank God for the… Continue reading #KoristaAko: Jay and Aui Tamayo

#KoristaAko: Jhoan Ayos

Happy (Chinese) New Year! I know, I had backlogs for #KoristaAko. The last quarter of the year had always been busy, busy busy! But it was very musical, and I hope yours was, too. Now, on with my latest post! Last October, my husband and I (being part of the Philippine Choral Directors Association) were invited to attend… Continue reading #KoristaAko: Jhoan Ayos

#KoristaAko: Touringkitty

And yes, just because it’s my birth month, it’s my turn to answer for #KoristaAko! I realised I wasn’t even able to answer these questions for myself, so this should be fun. For those who are not yet aware, Korista Ako has a Facebook Group Community already! Shoot me a private message at www.facebook.com/touringkitty so… Continue reading #KoristaAko: Touringkitty

#KoristaAko: Carlo Zenarosa

Nurse by day, chorister by night (and perhaps weekends). This is no unusual set up, and I really admire people who can fulfill both professional and artistic aspects of their lives. I know there are many a Filipino choral groups abroad, and it is such a great thought that Filipinos in all corners of the… Continue reading #KoristaAko: Carlo Zenarosa