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Love is in the air, and (sometimes) in some choral groups. I believe this is because love songs in choral settings give more kilig, right?

My husband and I have our own story to share, but I will share that another time. We started from being mere strangers singing in a choir to being partners for life. Yes, I thank God for the gift of singing, because not only did I found a career with it, I found love with it!

And while we’re still celebrating love this February, let us get to know a couple who ended up singing beautiful music together, forever.

Jay and Aui Tamayo had been making beautiful music in a choir since their younger ages, and eventually sang for the same choir in college. Career, marriage, and three children hence, they’re still singing together with one of my favourite groups, the Ateneo Chamber Singers (my husband sings with the group, too), and have been to concerts, trips, and competitions together. Isn’t that great? Let’s get to know them more:

Jay and Aui Tamayo.
Jay and Aui Tamayo.


Name: Jay and Aui Tamayo

Current profession: School Administrator/Business-folk

Choirs joined:

Jay: Valle Verde II Village Choir, Ateneo College Glee Club, Ateneo Chamber Singers (ACS) (2001-present)

Aui: St. Paul College Pasig MAC, Ateneo College Glee Club, Ateneo Chamber Singers (2001-present)

Why did you join the choir? What was that something or someone that influenced you? We joined our first choirs because we loved to sing. We still sing with the ACS because we didn’t want to stop singing, we wanted to keep doing something we were passionate about (but was fun) that will keep us sane from crazy work obligations, we wanted to serve God and singing was the best way we knew how, we wanted to keep singing with our friends (some of whom we’ve been friends with for almost 20 years).

What is your most unforgettable choral moment?

Aui: More than the moments of winning in competitions or the applause, it’s when you connect—self with your katabing singer, as a choir, choir with conductor, you with conductor, choir with audience, choir with orchestra, choir with audience & God, you with God. I don’t think there is any medium that can bring people together in such a profound yet inexplicable way as music.

Jay: My top two: Singing for the Pope during his Papal Visit last January and winning at the World Choral Games and having your national anthem played while the flag is being raised.

How is it singing as husband and wife in one choir? Is it harder or easier? It’s easier in some ways, harder in others. It’s easier because you know each other well so you communicate better. Plus you instantly have common friends & time spent together! It’s harder because it’s mixing objectivity/business with personal.

Did you first meet in the choir? Yes, with the Ateneo College Glee Club! Jay was in his senior year when Aui joined in her freshman year.

What’s your favourite choral love song? With You from Pippin

#KoristaAko dahil: Ito ang blessing ni God sa amin—to be both His instrument and be touched when we sing.

Thanks, Jay and Aui, for sharing your choral and love story to us! And to end, they shared with us a throwback photo of them, very significant as this was their first tour together in the choir.

Jay and Aui Tamayo. Circa 1997, which was their first tour together.
Jay and Aui Tamayo. Circa 1997, which was their first tour together.


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