Touringkitty Travels: Dating, European-style

We sang, we traveled, we ate. This is how we conquered Europe for the first time as husband and wife. We got to do it for almost a month. And even if we were traveling with a group, we cannot miss the chance to go out on a just-us date. So, on that one free… Continue reading Touringkitty Travels: Dating, European-style

Schatzinfinity: Ten years of marriage

Photo again by Pastor Binky in Calella, Spain. We had this idea to make an instant photoshoot in the woods while waiting for the opening program of the competitions.

#blessed is never cliche If I were to sum up the past ten years of being married to the love of my life, only one word comes to mind: GRATEFUL. That my husband and I are stronger together, and we’ve proven it to each other and to other people many times already. That we have… Continue reading Schatzinfinity: Ten years of marriage