Max’s introduces treats to beat the summer heat

I believe I have a lifelong affair with Max’s. Okay, that might not sound right, but am sure you know which Max I am talking about–the restaurant, of course. And indeed I have. From my parents’ wedding reception, the studio recital of my voice and piano students, my daughter’s baptism, reunions, meetings, or any time […]

Masflex Cookware: Celebrating 25 years For the Love of Cooking

The Masflex brand recently celebrated 25 years in the Philippines. I received an invitation to join Masflex’s celebrations, and it was an afternoon filled with food, cooking, and some surprises. Products were displayed all over the venue. I was seated near the cookware displays, so I took this video: A video posted by Em Alcantara […]

PRESS RELEASE: Bierra Paluto Restaurant: An extraordinary Dining Experience

From the moment you walk through our door, you can expect a warm welcome, lively atmosphere and a burst of exquisite flavors. Take a look and you’ll find a host of authentic features, the freshest ingredients and mouth-watering delicacies that capture the very essence of all things Filipino in Tex Mex Style. Put all of […]

Touringkitty Eats: Counting Calories with The Good Box

I have always wondered about food boxes. One, I wondered if their food is delicious and two, I wondered if it really works. I seriously gained weight when I started eating healthier. If you follow me on Instagram (please follow @touringkitty) you’d notice my posts on #healthyeating and all I’ve been experimenting on my small […]

Dine and Shine at Movie Stars Cafe + Discounts!

Do you love watching movies? Concerts? Shows? Musicals? Look no further, because you can get almost all of it in one sitting–while dining! We first learned about it through my sister, who had been here a couple of times last year. Then, for her holiday treat to us, she brought us here before Christmas. We […]