Are you a frequent Youtube user? Like me, when I research music, or watch How It’s Made videos, my go-to site is Youtube. I have my own channel (CLICK LINK HERE!) where I gather my music and travel videos.

Did you know you could earn whilst youtube-ing? Yes, yes, yes! And this workshop will show us just how.

Manila Workshops together with Certified Digital Marketing (CDM) is proud to present to you their very first workshop collaboration. YouTube101: Creating & Monetizing This workshop is inviting moms who wanted to earn more through vlogging, teenagers who love
to go on adventures and share it through social media sites, kids who wanted to be the Next YouTube Star!

1. Understanding the Content Landscape
2. Creating a Successful Content Strategy
3. Testimony: A YouTuber’s Journey
4. Monetizing YouTube
5. ACTIVITY: Come up with a YouTube Channel idea

Head, Digital Media Services at ABS-CBN Corporation
Dennis is a new media professional with a 15 year career track and outstanding record of accomplishment for providing digital and online strategies that meet the ever changing digital landscape. He is an expert in developing end to end video on demand and IPTV solutions with a demonstrated ability manage a successful online video streaming





Guest Famous YouTubers/Adobers: Lloyd Cadena and Mich Liggayu

JOIN US and LEARN more about YouTube!

WHEN: April 1, 2017 | 1PM-5PM
WHERE: Pen Brothers, Makati City
Regular Rate: P1,500
Bring-a-Buddy Reg Rate: P2,500

Use YT300OFF and get a discount when you sign up!


Veni – | 09272816651
Register Here:
This is in partnership with: Globe MyBusiness, Alfox Printing Services, PenBrothers.

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