For many years, John Robert Powers (JRP) is synonymous to high quality training in modeling, acting, and personality development.

In an event a couple of weeks ago, JRP introduced to some mom bloggers their newest offerings: The Dynamic Parenting Workshop and the Future Leaders Program.

This reception area greets you at their Makati Office.

What I clearly remember about JRP, as a kid, was it was a training ground for future models.

And I was right! They have this bulletin board with their pageant training activities.
And I was right! They have this bulletin board with their pageant training activities.

And their latest pride is…

MJ Lastimosa, Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2014.
MJ Lastimosa, Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2014. She finished the JRP Celebrity Track in 2011.

Now, if you think you’re either too old or too young to enrol in JRP, think again. We learned that the oldest student they had is 62 years old!

JRP is glad to offer new workshops for two important groups of people: the parents and the young children.

The Dynamic Parenting Workshop is much like the parenting workshops, only given in a more comprehensive manner, covering ten specific topics, two hours per topic session. This is more studies-intensive, with the goal to educate, guide, and build a core support group among parents.

As a new parent like I am, I had so many questions. With the help of my mom, my aunts, and friends, I was able to pull through the first (almost) four years, and I can’t wait to hurdle more challenges in the future. There’s a saying that it takes two to create and a village to raise a child, and I believe so. The Dynamic Parenting Workshop aims to do that, to create a community of empowered parents who are responsive to the fast-paced life we have now.

Start them young, they say. The Future Leaders Program for 4-6 year olds will not groom your child to be a politician, no. But the program introduces the children the concept of being a leader through fun activities. Activities would also incorporate the signature programs of JRP, like oral communication and personality development.

Being a good leader is being a good follower. As parents, we model what is right or wrong to our children. When the child sees his or her peers doing something good, the more he is empowered to do good. This program might just address that, knowing that kids at this age are still in the stage of imitation.

This is a long-term course, with 30 two-hour sessions.

Their signature programs were also introduced to us, such as the English Language Program and the Multi-Level Curriculum System, especially designed for each student.

We got to take a sneak peak in their classrooms.

I love their make-up area!
I love their make-up training area!
Table etiquette training happens here.
Table etiquette training happens here.
Spot Touringkitty! This is their lecture area.
Spot Touringkitty! This is their lecture/orientation area.

These mom bloggers had a wonderful time meeting up (some for the first time), exchanging insights and experiences. Thanks for having us, JRP!

~ Touringkitty

To know more about their offerings:

John Robert Powers

4/F Casmer Building 
195 Salcedo Street, Makati City
(02)8929511 * (63)09175960939

Ground Floor, Cinderella Building, 
825 EDSA, Quezon City
(02)9270465 * (63)09175018295

2nd Flr JJACCIS Bldg. 
1208 Acacia Ave. Madrigal Business Park, 
Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City
(02)6590052 * (63)09178195351


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