The guitar is one of the most versatile instruments there is. It can stand alone as concert instrument as well as assisting accompaniment for a singer or another instrument.

I have always loved the guitar. Though I’m not that proficient, I can carry playing simple chords good enough to complete a song. To compensate, I married a guitarist. He might not be playing professionally, but he can definitely pull off a classical piece, or accompany me in singing kundiman.

I was blessed to have handled a guitar program, one of my previous projects in my previous cultural work. You can read about that here.

So I fell in love with the guitar more, and it’s definitely a treat to hear classical guitarists in concert, like this foreign act who is considered the best in her country.

normal_Berta_Rojas_in_Manila-Cebu_--LETTERSIZE_--POSTERParaguayan guitarist Berta Rojas is coming to Manila for a series of concerts on May 15 in Manila and May 17 in Cebu, and a masterclass on May 14.

The concert in Manila will be at 8 pm in the Meralco Theater. The concert in Cebu will be at 8 pm in the Marcelo Fernan Hall in Lahug. Jointly organized by the Independent Philippine Art Ventures, Inc., and the Arts Council of Cebu Foundation, the concerts will be the classical guitar events of the year in the country.

Ms. Rojas, described by the Washington Post as “Guitarist extraordinaire,” will play a mainly classical repertoire with a taste of jazz and salsa.

Also performing are Monching Carpio and Triple Fret. Monching is a former college mate and one of the young and bemedalled guitarists of today. Triple Fret is the first all girl guitar band in the country. Three lovely girls who can rock a riff.

Berta Rojas will also give a masterclass to selected guitarists who have qualified in a screening process on May 14 at Richmonde Hotel,her official Manila residence during her tour. For those who are wondering what a master class is, it’s much like an actual lesson, only there will be an audience. The master teacher (Ms. rojas) coaches the guitarist participant for 30 minutes and will do some critiquing on the piece he played. Guitarists and enthusiasts will surely learn a lot even by just observing.

As a soprano, I was fortunate to have sung for master classes of internationally known opera stars–Filipino tenor Arthur Espiritu and Australian soprano Claire Primrose.

For ticket purchases, call Ticketworld at 891-9999 or For further inquiries, please write Monch Carpio at or

I do hope to see you there, and please, support at least one art activity per month. It will nourish your cultural soul and develop good taste.


~ Touringkitty

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