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Date: September 26

Location: Johor Bahru, Malaysia

The tour continues in another country–Malaysia!

My sister booked us tickets to Legoland and Hello Kitty Town days before our trip. We all agreed that we never get a chance to go out of the country often, so why not go for as much as we can in one trip!

The package included a coach which takes us to Malaysia from Singapore Flyer, which was the meeting place at 9:00 AM that day.


We had to pass through immigration checks for both countries, which were all uneventful. Thy had an efficient system and a lot of tour buses were traveling as well. I also learned that some locals work for the other country, so they had to go through the same process each day. Wow!

So, off to Legoland we go!


Too bad, it was raining when we got there. This was just before we entered and it was steadily drizzling already. We bought raincoats inside and breezed our way to the park. Not so many rides were operating, so we just took photos of the Lego creations.




Finally, after taking a tour of the rainy park and having our yummy pizza and pasta lunch, it was time to go to Hello Kitty Town. It was not raining anymore.

The bus, the bus! Unfortunately, it's not our designated bus :(
The bus, the bus! Unfortunately, it’s not our designated bus 🙁

We said hello to our feline favourite.

The kid slept at the bus!
The kid slept at the bus!

We had fun in their different activity areas. We thought the place was small–only one floor–but we were floored with the activities. Warning: photo heavy!

The Hello Kitty House filled with Hello Kitty stuff, like this dining table:


There were booths like the manicure area:


Cookie painting area (they used pancake syrup, yum!)


Beads area, where we made some of these. These are plastic beads then the guy ironed them together. Cute!


Costume area. My mom tried it on:


The treasure hunt area, in which we did not get the right answer!


There was also a play area with balls and slides, and a small café serving simple cookies and desserts. There is a bigger café on the First floor, which had sandwiches and drinks, our on-the-road food on the way back to Singapore.

Then there was a stage, which they called the “Purrfect Stage.” It had different sets of shows during the day. We caught the Friendship show and the Fiesta show.



There was also a teacup ride, which we all enjoyed.


Finally, we did not miss to take photos with our feline friend over at the Kawaii Photo Booth!


My turn! And Hello Kitty even held my Touringkitty!


My daughter kept on exclaiming how happy she was. I was, too! My husband said in return that he’s happy to see me and Aria that happy! We love him to bits! We are all happy actually that Aria was able to experience all of these in her young age, and likewise, my mom and sister, too, whose very first out of the country trip is this. With the whole family. We should plan for the next big trip this early!

Standby for the third and fourth day!

~ Touringkitty

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